Introducing Steemtaskr - Do Tasks, Earn Steem!

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What is Steemtaskr?

Steemtaskr is a services marketplace that allows you to find people to do the things you need doing. Post tasks that you need done, and fellow steemians can offer their services to you. Anything local or online that you need doing can be traded for steem/sbd on the platform. All transactions are recorded on the blockchain, providing an immutable record of your trade history.

What can I list on Steemtaskr?

Aside from x-rated and illegal things, you can list anything that you think a fellow steemian can do for you. Need a new logo? Find a talented photoshop expert to whip one up for you. How about someone to translate or proofread your latest post? Or code a bot? Deliver a package? The list is limited only by your imagination. You can even use it as a 'wanted to buy' (WTB) classified.

What are the fees?

Fees are payable by taskers in the app's token - TSKR. You can purchase TSKR simply from with your steem profile. The current rate is 0.1 STEEM per TKSR. Read further down to see how you can get some free TSKR right now! Regarding the fee schedule, check out Steemtaskr for the latest rates.

Why did you build this app, revo?

As an investor in Steem, I want to see it go up in value. What's the most sustainable way to increase value in a cryptocurrency? Have marketplaces where you can trade in the currency.

The ability to trade in a currency's denomination is critical to the utility (and therefore value) of that currency. Cryptocurrencies have huge potential to disrupt traditional currencies and monetary systems, but without broad utility, this potential won't be realised. Marketplaces to trade in native currencies provide a great use-case and utility for cryptocurrencies. Marketplaces are going to be critical to the success or failure of Steem.

This is why I chose to create Steemtaskr.

Future development

Mobile responsive design
Reputation system
Integration of steem escrow

Want some free TSKR tokens?

I'll be regularly giving away tokens from the @steemtaskr app account. Follow along for updates and freebies. But today I'm giving some away to celebrate the project going live. I'm giving anyone who resteems this post and follows the @steemtaskr account, 10 TSKR. 10 TSKR will allow you to pay the fees for one listing up to 25 STEEM. But don't pay them this month..!

Why is that?

For the month of April all listing are free! So jump on there and put some tasks up, or complete some tasks for others.

Head on over to list some tasks, and don't forget to claim your free TSKR by resteeming this post and following the @steemtaskr account.

And as always, if you can resteem this to get the word out about this important addition to the steem marketplace ecosystem, it would be much appreciated. A successful cryptocurrency needs marketplaces in which you can trade in the native currency. Let's help make this a reality.


Followed and resteemed.

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Ill just use yoru comment to get my own comment displayed at the very top here

SO yeah good jopb @revo i mised the tiem to resteem or upvopte but i will be using and buying the steem-enbgine tokens for this! And im telling everyone about it pon httpps:// discord

Congratz dude. If you do this correctly, this going to be huge for the blockchain and your wallet. Great idea, I wish you a good start. Follow+Resteem done.

Cheers, thanks for the kind words!

Great work, resteemed :)
You should fix the https certificate issue though, the current certificate is for * which will give errors for a lot of browsers atm and is probably scaring off some users.

Feel free to message on discord if you need help with anything - good luck!

It did just give me a big scary warning on Firefox.

what he said


HTTPS is a must nowadays.

I'll chat with you on discord. I didn't realise it's chucking up warnings. I'm not getting them here.

Yes, please fix this asap. It is scary for a lot of people.

Hey @Revo,

Great initiative

For me the steemconnect is not working on your website, i just tried to login because i created a logo and wanted to accept your offer.

Anyways ... for the logo i just made. I created it in syncopation with the existing steem mnemonic (i thought it would keep everything in ‘uniform’)

Hope you like it


Hey @elektropunkz. Can you contact me on discord regarding the error your getting? Cheers.

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@revo Simply wonderful, thank you so much! ((:

Resteemed and followed.

that sounds very interesting I hope I got everything right. I am an expert in fashion specialized on sustainability in fashion if any one need something maybe I can help thank you I am very new to steemit and hopefully can be a good part of this wonderfull community thank you shake

Just managed to give away a task their for the first time :D yeah! More free time for me whoop whooop!

Awesome stuff! I'm glad you had a positive experience.

Bloody awesome mate!!!! Will definitely let folk know about this....

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Thanks heaps, @metametheus.

"Head on over to list some tasks, and don't forget to claim your free TSKR by resteeming this post and following the @steemtaskr account."

Done. Looking forward to learning more about this @revo! Then I may have something more to say.

I want a way to earn tokens by delegating to this

I second this.

I'm just stitching up a deal with aggroed now. He's probably taking advantage of me given I'm a noob at tokens.

Hahaha yeah @revo. Beware of the good old ogreeed. He's quick to devour noobs on his breakfast. };)

Yes, that would be great!

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I mean, this project has the potential to quickly catch up to the biggest competitors in this area, because they are not that big...

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Always great to see new projects 👍 well done. Good luck

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Cheers mate

Please introduce a keychain login.
Steam-Connect login is too inconvenient.

I'll definitely look into that. I haven't started using keychain myself yet, so I don't know much about it.

I love to see real world applications for Steem. Followed and resteemed

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Wonderfull initiative, and really something useful ...

Maybe it is a good idea to have also a section where people can offer their services


Yeah that could be an area to add in in the future. Thanks for the suggestion.

Dear @revo, I love your new project @steemtaskr and I have an idea.

Also... I created a neat logo for you:

Do you like it? I love it.

Let's talk! Are you down?

See you, Steven.

Hey, not bad. I'm undecided if I like the upside down 'r' (a high-heeled boot?) or not. Have to let it brew. :)

Actually i never saw a boot, but as you said it now...Yes, it looks similar. Actually I see a checkbox! The "r" is the checkmark of a done task :)

Will you also be able to list your skills / talents so people can hire you as well ?

That could be something I could look to add. Thanks for the suggestion.

Hi. I like your idea. I made a logo for you. You can use it for free.

Thanks for your effort mate!

Ooh, I'm excited! I am an MTurker, and I think it was @pennsif that brought up an MTurk-type idea on Steem that I saw a while back. I would be happy to do those kind of things for Steem. I'd probably get paid better, anyway. LOL

I had heard about MTurker or something like that glad we have something similar now on Steem. This project could have great potential if done correctly. Great idea.

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Yeah, I based it on the Australian version of that - airtasker. MT wasn't available in Australia last time I checked (quite a while ago now). Anyway complete any tasks on steemtaskr, let me know if there are any problems.

Great idea resteemed and followed.
I have had some ideas but need some web developers to help out. I could definitely use a tool like this. Great work. Hope nothing but success for the project.

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Thanks very much for your kind words. :)

will definitely be following this one. Keep an eye out. This looks pretty awesome, by the way. It's definitely something that this community is needed for a long time.

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Cheers mate, thanks for the kind words.

You're quite welcome. I followed the account as well, by the way it will hopefully see. This looks pretty awesome.

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Sounds like a great platform @revo!
I was wondering if there was a place that STEEM based businesses might want to commission a short video etc - so this looks promising! Cheers :)

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Cheers mate. I hope it provides a good service for the steem community.

It’s like Craigslist on Steem 🤔

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Another excellent piece to the puzzle! You have my resteem, upvote and support!

Thanks heaps!

Looks like this is a freelancing market place. The difference is this platform uses cryptocurrency! That's awesome!

Follow and resteem done. Wish you all the best for this great projet

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Thanks mate.

Great project and idea @revo. I like it!!

Already following the @steemtaskr account and I've just resteemed this post. :)


Well @revo, over here below my 'outside the box' design and proposal for the logo of your website.

I hope you like it:

Cheers!! :)

Followed and resteemed!!

Really wish you luck with this. We need a good freelancer type site on STEEM blockchain that gets good volume.

I will be watching and hope to use one day!

Good can I know about the new token and your platform very well. I have reesteem and follow as your instructed

omg, yes! yes! all day yes! who is the team behind it?

can i have some tokens to test it please? i'd like to do a video about it. the timing is perfect, upwork just increased their freelancer price from $10.99 to $14.99 a month so alternative crypto marketplaces are a must.

Hi @teamhumble, it's just me as the developer. If you resteem this post and follow the @steemtaskr account (you may have already, I haven't checked this morning) you can get 10 free TSKR. Also, it's free fees for all of April, so it costs you nothing to have a play for this month.

i tried to login yesterday but i was getting a 404 on the login.

Yeah, that was a steemconnect configuration issue (my fault). I see you made an offer not long ago, so it looks like you got on ok today. Good to see the first task/offer accepted! :)

oh that was the first? awesome! i'd love to work with you to make all this a reality, i'm trying to get away from upwork which just jacked up the prices so it's a perfect time to do this, also i've got loads of input, experience of working remotely, me and my partner are top rated sellers over on upwork so we've been around the block -- we also just started using and -- definitely some RESEARCH needed there to see what others are doing! :)

if you need some team members, let us know! :)

Thanks @teamhumble. If this thing takes off, I will get swamped, so might be on the lookout for team members.

no worries. happy to assist.

This innovation is revolutionary.

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How is this different from steemgigs?

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I just resteem and follow. Wish to get some token . Thanks for great idea! Go

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Sounds a great idea man!

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Followed and resteemed.
Have a good luck in your project.

Thanks mate!

very interesting project! Resteemed!

How is it different from

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Might not be so different from steemgigs. I haven't used it. I checked it out ages ago, and it seems to have advanced a lot since I last looked at it. More markets the better! :)

Competitor to Steemgigs is always welcome so both of you strive to be better!

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Resteemed and Follow :-)

Well done! Love to see new projects on our blockchain to bring impact in our steem journey and life! Keep going the good work but first please add a keychain login ;)


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Thanks for your kind words, @tibfox. I've had a few people request keychain, so I'm looking now into how I might be able to integrate it with the site.

That's awesome! Thanks for your quick reply and action :)
The service looks super cool!


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Please allow us to use # and ! in our titles - this is through-posted to steem blockchain and I don't like frumpy no-format posts on my blog!

Ok, I'll look to change that.