SteemTracked 3.2.5 - Bid bot Transactions, Notification Links, Daily averages

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Steemit User Analytics - Track Your Steem Progress
built with @steemsql (by @arcange)



3.2.5 Update

  • Bidbot Transactions
  • Daily Averages
  • Notification Links
  • Accurate data
  • SBD Price


Moving forward with SteemTracked, my goal is to provide more information that can conclude why a Steem user is achieving their result. Ultimately, SteemTracked aims to assist in fulfilling user desired goals on the Steem blockchain.

I've approached Steem in different angles such as blogging about interests, developing apps and Steem interaction through different apps. Been successful in some approaches and I've so far made over $1.5k in post rewards which is good considering I joined last year.


Bid bot Transactions


I've added a new section which shows your bid bots interaction. This was a factor missing from the information SteemTracked concluded about a user's successes. From analysing a few accounts, I noticed some accounts that consistently had really successful posts (over $100 a post) didn't use bidbots at all!?

(@chbartist's account)

The account above spent in total almost $21,000 in bid bots! The account's total earnings is around $25,000 which gives a return of 16% and a profit of $4000.


Notifications Update

Following up on notifications is a common feature notification systems have, therefore I made the decision to let users follow up when they click the notification which will then redirect to the necessary page on


Daily Averages


Knowing your averages is at the core to knowing why your Steem account is performing the way it does. Relying on hope for your post to be upvoted by an influencer is skin to none today. With SteemTracked, the truth is in plain sight and to receive better results, increase your averages :)



Discord: shango#7892

Feel free to present your ideas and improvements in the comments section.


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