whoa! I hope that thing isn't poisonous! Snakes scare me!!

cool itty bitty husband taught me this one ..missed you guys...back in full soon! Hurricane knocked the stuffing out of us, but could have been way worse. :)Blessings

Oh my that is absolutely adorable. I would totally love to hold a little one like that. Cool find. I agree with someone else who said it's probably a ring neck snake. Super cool.

When I saw it, it squirted under my chair and I just caught a glimpse of the tail so thought it was a lizard and when I went to grab it I was like where'd it go? And realized it was a snake lol

Lol well then that is a very interesting surprise, to say the least

Amazing photo. It's really small, I do not think I would even dare touch it hahahaha

LOL harmless :)

Wow, that's a small one 😆 mabye even I would be able to hold one.. Lol
Have no idea what kind that is. Very mini something


😊sorry I couldn't find anything better to say

I wonder how big that guy will get.

Largest of that variety I've seen around the property is about 2 feet long, maybe big around as a sharpie.

Ringneck? it's very cute!

My girls loved it, they a little more...rough so had to babysit it and keep it from going squish squishy lol

I wonder if it has a venom.

Tried biting me, but his teeth were not large enough to pierce my leathery skin.

Haha, this cracked me up. I'm also a member of the leathery skin club.

They can be "mildly" venomous to humans but they have to "chew" on you to grind their venomous saliva into your skin. They don't have fangs like pit vipers and even if they managed to envenomate you, it's not on the level of other venomous snakes. So they are fairly harmless to humans. Here's a bit about them if you'd like to read up.

@enginewitty - Holding a snake in your hand?? 👀
You are brave !! Even though a tiny one and perhaps non-poisonous, I would not have held it in my hand. Ironic isn't it that I write blogs about wildlife awareness and take photos but am scared of snakes? LOL

Thanks for sharing. I admire courage!! Upvoted full!


No idea man, but it sure is cute :)

Never seen one that tine that is so cool

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