The Steeve Recent Update that you Should Know About

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Hello Steemians! It is a down day again for cryptocurrencies. I enjoy writing on Steem when it is a down day because it gets me distracted from the prices 😂. Anyway, I am not going to talk about crypto prices today. Instead, I am going to talk about Steeve released a new update about a week ago and one of the new features is something I found very interesting. It is something which I have yet to see on any other Steem interfaces nor any other social networks.


Introducing the OmniBox!

The OmniBox allows users to jump to specific topics and accounts very quickly with a press on the "T" key. Pressing "T" while you are on Steeve but not in a content writing box will pops up the box as shown below. Once you are at the OmniBox, you just need to enter the #topic or the @account which you are interested in to navigate there directly. This is a very neat feature which is unique to Steeve.


At the same time, Steeve also introduced several other hotkeys to help users navigate and browse the site faster. For example, pressing "R" on your feed will reload the feed and press "N" followed by "W" will bring you to your wallet. Information on the hotkeys are as below.


I also want to point out that I am very impressed by how fast the Steeve team is able to respond to users' feedback. When I first tested the OmniBox feature, it was not working on my default browser, Firefox. I left the following comment on @steeveapp's blog post:


And on the same day, I got the this reply from @void:


And before I know it, @void fixed the issue!


This demonstrated dedication from the team and because of this, I decided to post more from moving forward!

Other than the OmniBox feature, there are also a few noteworthy features such as night mode, drag-and-drop image uploading and ability to choose 100% SP for author reward!


While the cryptocurrencies market is bleeding, there are teams that are still working. If year 2017/18 is the period where we HODL, then year 2019 will be the year we BUIDL. Although there are projects that have been abandoned, the Steem platform has never lacked activities. Since the day I joined, I see continuous development on Steem apps and the blockchain itself. It is projects like Steeve that make me believe that those who survive this crypto winter will emerge stronger.

Thanks for reading and please share your thoughts!

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It's hard to keep ones eyes off the price tho. I haven't yet tried, maybe I should give it a shot.

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Do give it a try. It has the best "feeds" right now and the development team is improving it on a daily basis

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Hello @culgin, do you really think that this application has a future? I do not know if i would use it, maybe not, but time will tell. Thank you for sharing your experience with the application.

I think anything that is producing value will have a future. It is as simple as that. @steeveapp is providing Steemians with a better alternative interface. It uses AI to recommend articles that won't appear on our feed. Overall this will benefit the ecosystem by matchmaking readers to authors. I think this is useful and valuable.

So, I think they have a future, Of course, there are still a lot of work they need to do to gain adoption. But, they are on the right track :)

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Thanks man, really appreciating your support ;-)

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You are welcome! Good things should be shared!

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Finally!!! This has been an essential missing feature for some time, until Steve !!

Thanks for sharing, mate !

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Indeed. The key feature Steeve is bring to us is the AI powered feeds.

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AI is definitely one of those mega trends we find ourselves readily immersed in... that and the blockchain together is quite powerful

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Very cool. Reminds me of some of the old school Linux apps for keyboard warriors. Def helps navigate faster...if I can get used to it. I think they're currently working on something though...or an update went wrong. Can't seem to get posts to load on it right now. Maybe server issues.

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