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Steeve is a Steem interface that specializes in finding interesting content on the blockchain outside of your normal feed. The content is provided to you as recommendations which are mixed up with your normal feed.


At this point you might be thinking “yeah, yeah, another post promotion service”, but you couldn’t be more wrong! Steeve is not connected to any form of promotion or advertising (actually on the contrary), so the recommendations are tailored directly for you, and you only :)

How Are We Able to Do That?

Steeve is powered by an AI engine, which learns your taste from your past activity on the blockchain - what kind of posts you upvote, comment, resteem, who you follow, etc. The project has been alive for 3 months already and so far we’ve been able to provide recommendations comparable to the regular feed of our users. It’s around 50/50 as measured by user clicks, upvotes, comments and resteems.

We Can Do Even Better!

But we think we can do even better! How? Another unique feature no other Steem interface has is the post rating. Yes, for free (no voting power, no limits) you can rate posts on Steeve! This will have 2 major benefits:

  1. It will improve the recommendations Steeve gives to you.
  2. It will improve the recommendations for everyone else, too!

Daily Distribution of Rewards

Actually, there is also a 3rd effect of ratings. If you look at SteeveBot it has quite some power delegated from our lovely supporters. How is it being used? SteeveBot selects the posts most engaged with via Steeve.app and every 2.4 hours upvotes one of them.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Yes, you can influence which posts are upvoted by SteeveBot only by interacting with the posts on Steeve. No matter how much SP you own, your influence is the same. One person, one vote. Well, technically not just one vote, as SteeveBot looks at what posts you read, upvote, comment, resteem, and most importantly rate. But you get the point ;)

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Congratulations and thanks for this initiative.

I hope the project can help a lot of steemers that post good and useful contents here!

Excellent initiative, guys! It's this sort of things that this blockchain needs! :-D

Congratulations for the project! I've been upvoted and supporting your initiative. I think it's a different approach and innovative enterprise on Steem blockchain that can change it and inspire new users. Thank you very much and good luck again!!

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Still makes me smile when I see the name. I'll give it a try for my next post.

I have been interested in trying it since listening to the presentation at Steem Fest but have not gotten to it. Given the recent discussions of how to filter the front ends, I have been thinking about this approach. I will need to really put it on the to do list!

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What is holding you back from it? :)

Btw. what discussions? Sounds interesting..

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A number of Steemians continue to have passionate discussions about the need to truly see the Proof of Brain concept in action and how bidbots have not enabled it. Partiko recently adapted a feature to filter feeds to exclude those posts voted by bots. As I understand your UI would enable a sort of system to see a different kind of trending page as well.

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That is actually exactly what we have been doing for over 3 months :)
Steeve Now in Public Beta: Personal Recommendations and the World Without Bidbots & Voting Trails
But we have much more to offer than that :) I hope you will check out Steeve!

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