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The world is running in an ever-increasing pace. People need to process more and more information - social media, news, online discussions... But the amount of information is over anyone’s power to process. Information overload triggers decision paralysis or leads to rational ignorance which locks us inside our bubbles. We believe that by fostering the synergy between people and technology this problem can be solved.


We help people find the balance between the familiar and the new.

We are scaling the wisdom of the crowds and collaborative filtering via an advanced AI algorithm. We designed the process such that your and our incentives are aligned. This way we can focus on providing the best results for you, because that is also the best for us.

Steeve, an AI-Powered Steem Interface

For this purpose we built Steeve, the Stee[m sie]ve. Steeve is a Steem interface powered by an AI which learns about you from your activity on the blockchain, so that it can help you process the thousands of new posts created daily on Steem and select the ones you will be interested in.

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I absolutely love what you guys are doing. I don't believe for a second that any form of stake weighted content discovery can outperform content discovery based on observed preference through choice.

People want to see more of what they like, or new content that can complement what they've seen, not what someone else decides is more important.

Is there any way I can help you guys?

I will try it out. Hopfully I can find some great content creators, who are not in the spotlight now.

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I'd agree that we are experiencing an information overload and an inability to process it. It seems to be affecting our own thinking process and personalities. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Happy Friday.

Yes, let's change that!

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Hello, if it is true and that information overload does not make certain news or events that happen in our lives insensitive before. Your proposal seems interesting to me and I will try it

I just HOPE it work..all the best for your good work...peace

thank you very much for sharing this article with us I believe that in an era where information abounds, that there is steeve to help us process everything is of great help and usefulness.

That's right, finding the balance is the goal and will be the challenge of this generation, I'm sure it will be achieved.
Best regard!

it could also brings benefits for majority in the platform. great

Exactly! The whole platform should benefit.

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Be affetcing our own thinking process and personalites..Thanks for sharing thoughts .happy friday..👍

very good information you are correct, keep uploading content, you have my support!

I'm not sure what your priorities are right now (you may have other ones which is totally fine), but would help if you guys can get to the issues submitted on your bitbucket repository. I submitted one which seems important and there has been no response: https://bitbucket.org/steeveproject/steeve.app/issues/205/order-posts-in-feed-chronologically

Thanks for creating the issue in the tracker! I replied there.

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La nueva interfaz descrita en su articulo se presenta como un instrumento que solventaría en gran medida el procesamiento de información, siempre y cuando las personas definan que es lo que quiere y hacia donde van. Esto sin menos preciar el espíritu del articulo, lo que representa gran contribución para el lector.
Excelente articulo, saludos.

Gracias! Si se parece interesante, considera dar nos un resteem ;)

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Check out http://Steemium.com next time you have something to promote.

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We yet to evolve from the recent creation of the Internet. I believe the next generation will have the gene to live in a world of excessive information.

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That's true, we need to adapt.

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seria un buen beneficio para todos...

Muy buen articulo, la verdad es que estoy de acuerdo con tu forma de ver las cosas, me encanto!

It seems to be affecting our own thinking process and personalities. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. and also think you for the post

How much personal data(behavior) does this AI gather?

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Basically what is available on Steem plus your activity via Steeve, e.g. what stories you viewed, upvoted or rated, what user you started following. Not much more than what is available through the blockchain already.

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For as long as there is transparency. I have no opposition to this.
Btw, is the AI opensourced? What company or people develop this AI?

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We are developing it ourselves (the founders are @void, @mor, and @hr1, and the latter two work on the AI side). Currently it's not open-source.

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it's really amazing........

very nice article but i believe that information is wealth now a days as we can see everyone might not be knowing everything in the world.Gathering information and using it for good purpose like sharing that to others is the best thing to do.

I like your work very well.Hope you do more such things.Which will inspire us.You really do very well.Do more such work.
Thank you very much.

muy bueno ya nos hacia falta información necesaria para ponernos al dia, buen trabajo.

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Like in my post I & I agree that we are facing an inability to overload and process it. It seems to be affecting our own thinking process and personality. Thank you for the feedback.

@crypto.talk are you good with direct messages? I have a project I'm working on (web/JavaScript) that I think would be awesome if partiko implemented a version of... basically web profiles with more information

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