Steeve Update #4 - Explore Section, Steem Keychain Integration, Story Instant Hide, and More

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Dear Steemians and Steevians,

It is time for the next Steeve update. There are a few pretty exciting new features since the Beta release announcement already.

New Features

We have brought you quite a few new features:

  • Explore section to browse Steem and discover new content
  • Full Steem Keychain integration
  • Instant story hiding of perhaps annoying stories
  • Bookmarking categories is now available on mobile
  • Possibility to set beneficiaries
  • Story drafts stored in the browser

All changes are listed in the release milestone.

Explore Section

The Explore section is basically used to browse Steem and it is also a part of Steeve’s mission to help people discover good content.

When exploring, you select a tag (or no tag at all) and then sorting, which can be one of Steeve’s Trending, Steeve’s New, Trending and New. The latter two are just showing regular Steem sections as you know them, the two former are based on their Steem counterpart but improved with AI, counting genuine votes and what not, trying to show the content worth checking. The feature is still pretty new, but we are on the way to make Trending and New meaningful again.

To make the behavior more clear, when Steeve’s New sorting is selected, we’re trying to filter out spam on Steem and the posts marked as spam by Steeve don’t get to the selection right away. If you don’t see your post in the story list right after you posted it, it doesn’t mean it won’t show itself later on, though. The feature is a bit experimental, we’ll be evaluating its performance and popularity to see if it serves its purpose.


Steem Keychain Support

It is now possible to authenticate with Steem Keychain, skipping SteemConnect entirely. In this way, Steeve does not require you to pass your private keys to anybody.

Steem Keychain is not complete yet, though, so you won’t be able to delete posts and claim rewards when authenticating in this way. Any other blockchain operation should work as before.


Hide Story Instantly

Every story card has a More menu now that contains a button to hide the story instantly. A message is sent to the backend that you don’t want to see that story ever again. When receiving recommendations later, the story will not be shown again. This way you can further tailor your feed and we also will take your “dislikes” into account when calculating recommendations for you next time ;)


Global Beneficiaries

There is now a Settings section in Steeve where you can set global beneficiaries for your account on Steeve, the beneficiaries configured there will be used automatically when submitting any story via Steeve.


Bookmarked Categories Sidebar

The bookmarked categories sidebar present on the home page (feed) was not accessible on mobile. That is now no longer true! There is now an icon next to the logo on mobile that you can click to view the sidebar and enjoy this feature everywhere you go.


Saving Story Drafts

The story editor now regularly stores its content in local storage. In case you close the browser accidentally, your content is not lost from now on, it is loaded from local browser storage and you can continue editing.


What is Next

@void is going to simply keep working on the issues in the issue tracker. There is no end to it and there never will.

@mor is taking good care of the recommendation engine, improving it constantly.

@hr1 went to SteemFest and we are sure that he is going to come back with many new ideas and connections from the community that will affect Steeve’s future substantially.

Support Steeve!

In case you are using Steeve regularly already, and we are hoping so, or just want to support the project, think about setting @steeveapp as a beneficiary in your account settings to help fund further development. We are not asking for much, any share will do.

Our thanks go to:

  • @cardboard for reaching out, giving us new ideas and setting @steeveapp as a beneficiary as the first person to do so :-)
  • @ziapase for tirelessly helping to build Steeve community in Indonesia

Feel free to join our Discord to have a chat about Steeve or anything else.


Last but not least, there is a public issue tracker where you can always post your ideas and we will discuss them and reply as soon as possible.


Oh yes, @hr1 is at SteemFest, so feel free to find him and ask him whatever interests you!

We are really open to any ideas concerning Steeve and we are moving forward pretty fast feature-wise. In case there is anything you wish to be implemented or ask us about integrating a service of yours with Steeve, feel free to reach @hr1 at SteemFest or visit our Discord that @void is guarding day and night.


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I'm really excited about what you guys are doing. Steem has needed this for awhile. We have so much bloat especially on Steemit, and let's not pretend it's not obvious who's doing it. You can see it a mile away and it shouldn't take that much work for the Steem interfaces to sieve through their content.

The features you have added to steeveapp is really awesome. Being a newbie in the app development sector I can imagine how much time,effort and labor it may take. Hide the story instantly and steem keychain support are the two best feature you have added. Keep doing good work.

Thanks a lot for your support. We're doing our best :)

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Hi there! I'm trying for the first time. The interface looks very good and I'm still checking all the features. Excellent job! :-D

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I saw @hr1 talk on day 2 about Steeveapp. Steeve trending is something I'm definitely interested in and how it works.

Can the Steeve's trending be sorted by the % of organic vote with combination of newest/oldest date?

Steeve's sorting algorithm is same as the original Steem trending algorithm, The difference is that we don't take into account votes which we find to be bought or automated. Though, the filtration is not yet perfect, we want to improve it further by for instance removing votes from voting trails.

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Hi @hr1, it was wonderful talking to you during the Bowling.

I will give steeve a deeper look and a try.

If you like beer, have a look to the weekly #BeerSaturday challenge and enjoy a worldwide community of beer lovers.

The same for me!

I hope you will like Steeve :) In either case let us know what you think

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