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Due to COVID-19 pandemic, many small and new businesses are risking to shut down their activity and risk closing forever.
My very very close friend started a GoFundMe campaign in order to try not to close his activity which has faced enormous economic damage due to Covid-19 pandemic.

I thought sharing here would help him out somehow. I will donate myself as well and put on top of it 100% of the payout of this post. So, if you are not able to donate, your contribution with an upvote and a reblog would be of enormous help to him during this tough situation. At least someone else could see it and help out innsome way.

I am already sorry for all those tags, but please do not take me wrong: i am in no way looking for upvotes for myself, i am just trying to help a close friend since i cannot economically sustain him in such bad situation and feel very bad for him and his family.

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If you could guys just reblog it in your communities to help out by reaching more people, i would be very very grateful. Thanks anyway.

Below is the link of the campaign launched.