@kyle Im making a new library for python thats just for hive, called bumble-beem, cli called wasp. Just started today, independent of this hackathon, I prob wont enter into it cause this is more for me personally which Ill expand to more public use friendly after its mature enough. I ran into a lot of things tryina use beem with docker.

I wish you good luck on your python project :) @memehub

Ah, nice! Right on, glad to hear you're working on something neat!

Not a python guy personally but can respect those who code in it.

I'll check out your project for sure though. Thanks for sharing!

What is/are language(s)?


main go to language is NodeJS.

I am bilingual in JS and Python.. about almost everything I do uses both. I am learning C++ on the side to attempt to understand the Hive blockchain code, eventually.

Nice! Found that I can parse and code in python somewhat successfully but mainly use NodeJS. I find once you somewhat learn one language the others are slightly easier to grasp.

The exception to this is Assembly. lol

@kyle Python is very very readable. JS has gotten better with await but if I were to give D&D chars to the languages it would be like:

Paladin - Python, always wanting to be pythonic.

JS - Mage,

const castSpell = async (spell, mana) => {
    await spell(mana);

TS - Grand Wizard, knows all the types inside the magic that the mage doesnt.

C++ - The Ranger, always helping everybody in the background.

PHP - The Town Dunkard, everyone tries to avoid him and he's always talking gibberish that makes no sense.

Ruby - The Bard, slow to wake up, reminiscences of the good ole days, but a few people still listen to him sing his songs

@hiveqa here is what I am doing atm.

Excellent my friend! Looking forward to what you come up with :)