First Goal Reached and Introducing #STEMSunday!

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Hello everyone,

@stem.curate would like to announce we have reached our first goal of 4,000 STEM power staked!

Our next goal is 10,000 staked!

Thank you for your continued support of @stem.curate!

This means more rewards for @stemgeeks authors and hopefully continued amazing content on the blockchain.


Today @stem.curate is launching #stemsunday.

The rules are simple:

Create a worthy STEM post (preferably on stemgeeks).

Use appropriate hashtags for a stem post and include the hashtag #stemsunday.

No plagiarism and use proper sources (this community is already great at this!)

That's it!

@stem.curate will award each qualifying post with 100% upvote.

Curators Needed

Anyone can become a curator with a reasonable reputation, posting history, and STEM activity. Please join the discord for more information.

Help Needed

  • Follow @stem.curate
  • Upvote and Resteem this post.
  • Delegate any amount you can.
  • Join our curation trail on
  • Create amazing Stem posts.

If you are interested in a delegation please comment below or contact us on discord and you will be provided with a custom delegation link.

Join Today!

Become a @stem.curate curator.
Join Here!

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Go! Go!

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