STEMGeeks Favorite Gadget Contest

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Let's give this contest another go.

Write a post about your favorite gadget. The cooler the gadget the better!


  • Write about your favorite gadget
  • You do not have to own the gadget if you know a lot about it
  • Has to be at least 500 words
  • Any images that are not yours must be sourced
  • You will have one week to complete your post
  • Use the tag stemgeekscontest to be entered
  • Use stem or technology tag so your post is picked up on STEMgeeks
  • You must resteem this post to be eligible
  • You are allowed to create one entry per 24 hours
  • Contest ends on August 25th, 8 AM UTC


My favorite entry will win 250 STEM tokens.

The best entries will be curated by the @stemcuration.


Image Source


Here's my entry for the contest.

I will edit in another link if I decide to make another post. lol

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Seems to be a lack of entries so far. I know Steemians love their gadgets. Here's mine