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I Am Not A Murderer


My name is Roy Votex, I am from Belican City. Five years ago, I was accused of murder of three persons including an officer. Today I stand to say I am not a murderer and this is my story. Five years ago, I was student of central modern college. I had a girlfriend whose name is Helina. She was tall, elegant, and with a bright smile that lightens my day.

After classes we would go to the top of the hills and view the city. It was a lovely sight for her which gladdens my heart. It was as though we would never grew. She would always say, I wish the dawn of a new day never comes so we can enjoy this one.

One day after class we set we set to meet at the yaglican restaurant. A restaurant that has drawn attention from all over the country. Belican city was celebrated for its specialty of great offered to customers after visiting different restaurant in the city but yaglican restaurant was most celebrated for the atmosphere of love it carries. It is a meeting place for lovers. A re-uniting place for broken lover and family, it never falls short of its share of its share of love. We were to meet by 7:00 pm. I waited till 9:00 pm and never saw her, I wondered where she could be, she was has never kept me waiting before I said to myself. I tried calling her, she never picked up, and then I knew something was wrong. Quickly I went to her hostel her roommate, Lisa said Mr. James who happened to be the head of the department had sent for her. Without delay I went to Mr. James house and on getting there I saw the front door open, out of confusion I went in without knocking. It was as though World War II had taken place in the house. With desperation I lunched out to search for her, having searched all the rooms, I went to search the upper rooms, just before the last two stairs I saw Helina bags and shoes. Quickly I pushed the doors open just to see Mr. James trying to force her to bed with him. “Hey” what are you doing I said, immediately he left her, out of anger I confronted him exchanging words and punches.

The fight was so intense that we broke into the balcony in a matter of seconds he was bleeding from every parts of his face. “That’s enough Roy” said Helina, “no he deserves more than this” I replied. “You may kill him if you continue like this”, he deserves it, I screamed out. Stop she screamed trying to stop me but all to no avail, then all of a sudden I accidentally pushed her , all I could suddenly hear was screaming going down from the balcony and a loud sound that brought the scream as though someone hit the ground from a long distance. Then it all dawn on me that Helina had fallen from the balcony as a result of the push. I could see her lying lifeless on the ground; I was devastated, confused, and frightened. All of a sudden I could hear Mr. James calling the police; I ran to him trying to stop him but ended up killing him as well.

I am in deep trouble, it dawned on me, I decided to clean up the mess. Few seconds after this decision, I heard a knock on the door and a policeman walked in, seeing how the house was scattered he suspected that something is wrong and drew out his revolver, just before he would get into the upper room, I attacked him, took the gun from him and shot him, lying down are three persons killed by me, including an officer, I could no longer concentrate, I ran out of the house holding the revolver.

Five months later, I was caught trying to leave the country, I was charged to court for the murder of three person including an officer. The case was tried and the court asked me to give my final words before it gives me my judgment, then I said” this is my story” , I am not a murderer but a defender of love. This is what I get for loving someone unconditionally, and then love is to be blamed for all this. It has charged I quiet loving young gentle man into a murderer. I wish I never came across love, for it is ruin to the soul of the loving and weakness to a man of war. I have never killed, I only protected that which was mine and is about to cost me my life. I was sentenced to death by an electric chair, and this is my story to those in love in the world am going to miss.


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