My Perfect Little Angels

I would like to make this my entry in this contest:

I have a 2 years old red-nose pit bull. She is the best dog I have ever had. She knows the difference between all of her toys and she knows the names of them. Her name is Guinevere. Guinevere had 9 puppies 2 1/2 weeks ago. My husband @nobutsd1974 and I are keeping 2 of her puppies.

This is Guinevere and her Perfect Little Angels.

Perfect Little Angels

This is Gareth, he was the first puppy to born. He is blonde in color. He is so soft and super lovable. My husband picked this baby boy.

This is Morgan le Fay, she was the third puppy to be born. She is grey in color with a hint of red. She is my pick of the litter. She is so cute and has a beautiful marking on the back of her neck.

We have 5 cats and now 3 dogs, plus outside we have 2 chickens. My husband and I are huge animal lovers. When we decided to breed Guinevere we didn't think about the clean-up several times a day when it comes to the puppies. Laundry like 5 times more than normal. But I am ok with that. I love all of my pets. But most of all I love puppy breath. I wish they had puppy breath forever.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed the story of my little angels.

Happy Easter 2021