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RE: November freewrite!

in #story11 days ago

I didn't even notice the price of Hive until someone pointed it out to me. Shows just how much attention I have been paying I guess. I am looking forward to Dark Pinup 2. I am hoping to go in a little more on this one than I did on the first one. I think I voted on your proposal over on the EOS side. It's to bad that it stalled out for you.


Yeah, @bozz. I've been watching it and it feels so good to see Hive reflecting the value we've all known it should have. @lovejoy and I have talked about Hive being the most undervalued project in the top 200 listed tokens, especially after that fork to Hive. You did, @bozz! Thank you. Sadly, I'm probably going to have to reject the funds because what I've made so far isn't near enough to justify the work for the zine.

That sucks about the funds. I will keep an eye out in case you try it again. I will definitely support it! There is a proposal system on Hive, you could try running it over there...