IN TOUCH WITH THE EARTH - a healing regime that is surprisingly simple and effective

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I have recently been earthing myself as part of my healing regime.
My son made me this device.
It is a steel plate wired to the earth pin of a plug.
The pos + neg pins have been removed.
We plug it into the electric socket and it does not even need to be switched on.
I put my bare feet on the steel plate when I am sitting at my desk and it draws the excess positive ions out of me.

Humans used to be barefoot on the earth and, as we are electro-magnetic by nature, it stands to reason that we need to be earthed like any electical device does.
My son figured this out and made my device, very quickly and simply, out of bits and pieces he had in his cupboard.
It has had a surprisingly positive effect.

There were little changes at first, like my vision improved and minor skin irritations disappeared. Then over the following few weeks the swelling I have from oedema began to decrease so that now my lower legs are almost completely normal shaped again!

I feel a lot better and less brain-fogged.
My breathing calms down (I have emphysema) and I produce less phlegm.
The effects of this simple device have been so profound that we are discussing the possibility that all humans living in so-called "civilised" society need to use earthing devices!
It stands to reason!
From birth we isolate ourselves from the natural environment, by wearing rubber soled shoes and walking on concrete and asphalt all the time.
I have noticed so many improvements in my general health that I sit with my bare feet on the steel plate for as much of the day as I can.

We searched the net for earthing bed sheets and found one that is made from organic cotton and fine silver threads. It cost £75 but I am going to buy one so that I can be earthed while I sleep too. I figure that may speed up the healing process considerably.

One important factor that my son discovered was that not all house plugs are equally well earthed.
One of our plug points, near to my bed, gave a poor reading on hiis multi-meter. We assumed that it was further from the earth on the electrical circuit. However another plug point, in our lounge, gives a good steady zero reading and I can actually feel the difference between the two!

I am telling you all this because I firmly believe that curing ourselves of a multitude of diseases and discomforts can be possible by adopting 4 basic changes to our routine or habits:

  1. Distil all drinking water. A distiller can be purchased for around £100 and it is surprising how much muck needs to be cleaned out of it between uses. We add about a quarter of a teaspoon of Himalayan salt to 4 litres of water to replace essential minerals.

  2. A CBD capsule taken daily helps us to fight off many ailments. Holland & Barrett stock one that comes from Jacob Hooey of Amsterdam which is effective, reducing inflammation.

  3. Half a teaspoon of Bicarbonate of Soda in a pint of fresh distilled water will give a healing alkaline rinse to the digestive system but should only be taken once in 3/4 days.

  4. Earthing via bare feet during the day or bare skin during sleep is very beneficial. See this article for further information:

I hope you will consider at least trying this regime for a short while to see if our discoveries help you.

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