THE MOTHER OF ALL FALSE FLAG EVENTS - Holding the world to ransom in 2020

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"When you refer to the Jesuits/Black Nobility, I take it that stands for the Sabatean Frankist Freemasonic Crypto-Jewish cabal.... right?" asked a friend, confused.

I replied:

No, I do not refer to Crypto Jews.
I mean the Roman Empire's Catholic Church & all its globalist totalitarian aristocratic backers.

The Zionists are Nimrodists & the arch enemy of the Jews.

The Romans greatly admired the story of Nimrod the Empire Builder.

They have deceived the world & made sure that the Jews are blamed or scapegoated by employing them at the top of all their corporations and banks.
So many Christians are fooled by this & many more snippets of outrageous propaganda.

Rome took over Christianity in the early centuries & has profited from it ever since.
It has saved the #BlackNobility (ex Roman Senator families) a fortune in military expenses.
Christianity served to control minds & put people in fear of God & his "representatives" on earth.

They are the filth I mean when I refer to Jesuits & the Black Nobility.
They believe they have the divine right to rule which was "earned" for their bloodlines since the days of Sumer.

I realise this is NOT the narrative you may have believed but it is the history I have understood by reading old books about the founders of the "Holy" Church.
It is not a pretty story.


I have written about the Black Nobility families at length in previous articles which you may find here:

WHO RULES THE WORLD? A brief essay with supporting evidence.

& here:

THE VENETIANS - Roman Empire to the British Empire


The plan these Roman Zionists have for the Jews is far more evil than most people dare to imagine.

It is a global deception & the goal is more diabolical than anything (Rome supported) Hitler could have dreamed of.
He was tasked with making Jewish lives so unbearable that they would be glad to flee Europe and usurp the hot and hostile desert "Holy Land".
To a certain extent, he was successful.
Which is why the Zionist controllers in the Vatican saw to it that he & his companions were accommodated in South America to live out their days in seclusion & comfort.

So many countries have been bombed to radio-active dust in the middle east since then and only because they would not think globally, as insisted upon by the Black Nobility. Some have co-operated, like the Saudis & Emirates but others, like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria & Yemen were doing just fine with unreasonable usury illegal under Islamic law & so they did not want Black Nobility owned national central banks.
That is why they are attacked and bombed back to the dark ages; they refused to submit to globalisation.

The Black Nobility are expert at creating confusion and obfuscation to hide their hand in all this.
They fake friendships with all interested parties, but ultimately, only they profit and progress towards their long term goal because nobody else is cruel and selflish enough to have one.

Israel has stolen chunks of Syria, granted oil drilling licences in the Golan Heights and is blatantly sticking two fingers up to the UN, who have made endless resolutions against their expansion programme of building settlements on Palestinian land. The internal expansion plan is almost complete. Gaza is nothing more than a sliver of land referred to as an open air prison & all Palestinian homes in the West Bank are targetted for destruction.


The recent invasive wars against Iraq and Syria were conducted by proxy mercenary armies, ISIS and Al Qaeda with US, France and UK funding, training, supplying and providing token but concealed aid.
Nobody could see the Black Nobility hand behind the veil.
Only the top Zionists within the various think-tanks could smile wryly at how easy it is to direct the assets of NATO countries who were vain enough to believe they were operating in the interests of their own or Israel's national security.

Meanwhile, Russia interfered at President Bashar Al-Assad's request and provided the means to extend the war & attract support from China on the pretext of seeking their Uyghur rebels who had joined ISIS.

The consequent mass exodus of dispossessed middle eastern refugees provides the added bonus of pressurising Europe into pre-planned chaos, poverty and ruin.
The US military swanned in to take possession of Syrian oil-fields previously held on their behalf by their proxies ISIS.
The plan has begun to resemble a clever jigsaw but all the pieces are not quite in place.

The Black Nobility have other plans.

They have always coveted Russia & all the former USSR territory & so they formed a strange alliance, since the 10th century, with displaced Khazars living in Germany & Poland.


These Khazars had a bitter hatred for the Russians, responsible for driving them out of and obliterating their native homeland, Khazaria. Their nation had converted to Judaism under duress but they have never obeyed the Torah Laws (first five books of the Bible). They preferred, instead, to use a version of the Talmud which they adopted from ancient Babylon. It seems to be somewhat atheistic and sadistic to anyone that is not in their exclusive club. The barbarity and financial skill of these people was useful to the Venetian Black Nobility plans.
It proved to be a valuable alliance that persists to this day with many top Khazarian families married into the old Roman Senate families & the royal houses of Europe, together forming an irreligious and clandestine group of exploitative aristocracy who claim the divine right of Kings.

They have an apparent notion that they will create the capital of the world in Jerusalem.
They have already built the imposing international court house there to show their intent.
They are undermining the Islamic Dome on the Rock Mosque to eventually build their ambitious replacement temple. But I think this is just to keep the Jews coming to Israel and believing in the carefully spun illusion.
It also squeezes more donations out of the fundamental Christian Zionists.
How jolly lucrative that is.

Meanwhile, the real predator fat cats are lording it over London, Washington and the Vatican, ensuring that the financial centre of the City of London (square mile) has secretly become "Jerusalem in England's green & pleasant land" providing them with a lucrative "home", protected from British Law by an ancient treaty which gave the "City" it's amazing independence.

For now, that is.


Since the turn of the 21st century a new gleaming & highly symbolic city has been built in a remote part of Kazakhstan. How interesting is that? It was named Astana at first but has recently changed to honour the outgoing President. It is now known as Nur-Sultan. Norman Foster, the architect of many buildings in Nur-Sultan incorporated some telling occult & masonic icons. It seems to have an unspoken destiny. Maybe a future capital for a returning Khanate or Khazarian dynasty?


The Black Nobility family, Saxe-Coburg & Gotha have occupied the British crown since Queen Victoria & they are the greatest landowners in the world. They are also members of the Guelph. The most globally powerful Black Nobility family.
Via their globalist think-tanks, non-governmental organisations, the United Nations and co-operating billionaires, they have managed to pull off the mother of all false flag events in 2020.

They have developed stealth microwave weapons, a fake viral pandemic and a very threatening rushed, untested vaccine with which they are currently holding the world to ransom.

They appear to be following the final book of the Bible, Revelation, as if it were a blueprint for global ecocide.

It occurs to me that the book may well be a Roman addition to the earlier Bibles, as it is the only Biblical book which threatens doom and damnation if the book is tampered with in any way, see Rev 22.18-19.
It is also unusual, being the only apocalyptic book in the New Testament canon.
Nevertheless, I do think it is a plan rather than a prediction. A plan waiting for the right technology to be available.

As part of this plan, I expect that there will be an attack against Israel.
This, of course, will be blamed on Iran.
The Jewish population in Israel has topped 6 million. (6,829,000 July 2020)
I am sure the significance of that number does not escape my readers.

Russia has a well established treaty with Iran. China is just now tidying up the details on its treaty with Iran.

Thus the opponents are all lined up: NATO countries versus a Russia/Iran/China alliance.
The entire world will be dragged into a mutually destructive war, rather rapidly destroying everything that breathes on this planet.

The predator Black Nobility, supreme architects of this horror show, will be safely tucked in their deep underground, faraday caged bunkers waiting for all life on earth to frizzle away, conveniently reduced to dust.
A tidy end to a two thousand year plan.
The silence will be awesome, no doubt.

The predators have made no secret of the intended outcome of their plan.
The Georgia Guidestones, funded by R.C.Christian (Roman Catholic Christian perhaps?), have declared clearly in stone that only half a billion human beings will balance nature on earth.


They have carefully vaulted seed banks and genetic material from every animal & insect they will require when the great silence finally falls.
Their dream must be to emerge to a new surface, owned entirely and exclusively by them, presumably restocking "nature" to suit their own, undoubtedly pre-planned design. I wonder if the remotest city of Kazakhstan will still be standing....

That is what I think is intended.
That is how crazy I believe they are.
But of course, in their megalomaniacal minds, all this mayhem is somehow justifiable because they are certain that the world is over-populated & they won't be included in the upcoming cull because they claim the divine right of Kings by bloodline.
But by whom were they crowned?
It seems to me that they crowned themselves, two thousand years ago, during a day at the Roman baths perhaps, to become the parents of a new hi-tech humanity, a new more stylish nature, a new planet that will be exclusively theirs. The ultimate computer designed paradise......

I would love to be wrong.


So, what is all this furore around the World Economic Forum's Fourth Industrial Revolution?
And what about the shocking ideas described in the Great Reset book by Klaus Schwab?
The future of bio-technology? Half man half machine? Robots & drones? RFID chips? Nano machines in the bloodstream or worse, the brain?

Here he is receiving an honorary doctorate at the Kaunas University of Technology in 2017.

Allow me to speculate that the mightily celebrated Herr Schwab translates from the German to English as:

A swab in English is a noun which means:

  1. an absorbent pad or piece of material used in surgery and medicine for cleaning wounds, applying medication, or taking specimens.
  2. a mop or other absorbent device for cleaning or mopping up a floor or other surface.
    Or a verb meaning to clean (a wound or surface) with a swab.

Here is Mr SWAB doing his best to frighten/threaten us into more terror:

Could he be assigned the task of keeping us engaged and concerned about an atrocious proposed future that will only be clinically swabbed aside when the apocalypse of Armageddon will clean or mop up the world's "useless" (to borrow a notable word from one of the World Economic Forum's finest orators, Yuval Noah Harari).


Here is a recent recording of him spelling out how to survive (or not) the 21st century.

Nov 21 2020 (Postscript)

This link takes you to a video conversation between David Icke & Celeste Solum in which she alerts us to the extermination agenda she discovered by studying the World Economic Forum's web site & many other sources which she presents on screen.


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The World Economic Forum's (WEF's) "Great Reset" is the real reason behind the way that governments have responded to Covid-19. It is being organised on behalf of the United Nations, led by WEF Founder, Klaus Schwab. He has written the book on how Covid-19 can be taken advantage of to implement the "Great" Reset. This is why any debate about alternative approaches to solving the pandemic fall on deaf ears, whilst it continues to serve the implementation of their unpopular and unlawful agenda. This is why they are dragging out the pandemic far beyond any reasonable sell by date, presenting us a so called "New Normal". Their slogan is "Build Back Better", but for whom?

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