Corona : Bad Moon Rising

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Continuing my diary on the UK Lock-Down


Corona : Bad Moon Rising

Living the UK dream as apartment lockdown troglodytes.

A week on, and the work from home experience is really pushing the cabin fever sky high. Every twitch could be the dreaded CV. Every cough the harbinger of the end of days.

And yet, here in the UK, life goes on. Pubs have now been closed; so home delivered alcohol sales are going to the roof. Takeaway firms are making a killing. Supermarkets are hiring people to fill their empty shelves.

But ‘Martial law’ feels just around the corner, as the great unwashed strip the supermarkets of everything except ‘Rustler Hamburgers’ and fish in cans.

When I was growing up in the 1960s Dublin, the three most luxurious items you could never afford as an everyday item was ‘Bovril, Real Butter and Lucozade.’ Bovril is a “salty meat extract paste similar to a yeast extract” and I love it. It’s not the dreaded ‘Marmite,’ which is a very British yucky yeast extract invented by a German. You can keep your Marmite and Cricket. Give me Bovril every time.

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