The Summer of The Phoney Corona War

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Just thought I would write my first Post on Hive.

I am writing a running Corona Diary on an here is the first one.
The Summer of The Phoney Corona War


As I sit here and watch the cascading news stories of the Corona virus mayhem racing across Europe, I can’t but feel a sharp flashback to that other summer many years ago when England anxiously waited for the phoney war to come to an end.

During that glorious summer of 1939, while the world stood still, life went on in the UK.

Football was still being played. Crowds attended the horse-racing. Pubs and theatres were packed with happy shiny people while across the pond the Nazis where chewing up Poland and Czechoslovakia.

But never mind they will never come here.

People had lives and futures ahead of them. That all came crashing down as the war pounded that future into dust.

When it broke out in China, we all laughed at the total absurdity of the meat market as shown on TV.

Fucking live Bats! What the fuck!!! They eat chopped-up dogs?

It’s a wonder they never caught something. And then they did.

And it started spreading.

But hey, it was in faraway China-land, a place we never heard of.


Where the fuck is Wuhan? Could you even find it on the map?

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