A Dead Look (Horror story)

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Brandon was walking around a ravine near home, he was a lonely boy, but that was not a problem for him, because he really enjoyed his solitude and he liked to observe nature, while he walked slowly something caught his attention, he saw a photograph half buried in the ground, he curiously picks it up to observe it and that's how he saw the face of a very cute girl.


In the photo she had a big smile, but the boy noticed something in her gaze, her eyebrows were tilted in a very subtle impression of sadness or perhaps fear.

That wasn't so important to Bramdon, so he just kept the photo in his pocket and went home.

Throughout the night the boy could only think of the smiling girl in the photograph, the next day after school, as usual, Bramdon went for a walk in that ravine.


His surprise was enormous when he found a photograph in the same place again, but this was something different, the girl in this new image was not the same, it is about someone else, but with the same expression of fear and sadness on her face .


Brandon knew that what had happened could not be a coincidence and a little scared, he took the picture and ran to his house, the next day determined to investigate, Brandon left the school and went directly to the ravine, excited and scared, again An image with the same characteristics of the previous two was obtained, without thinking it was collected.


That night he hung the three photographs on the wall of his room, with the moonlight and the solitude that accompanied him, the boy carefully observed the three images, comparing them with each other, it did not take long for him to realize that the focus, the angle and the light were the same, which suggested that they had been taken by the same person and in the same place, so in a brief moment of lighting brandon noticed something else, the background landscape was a place known to brandon, all the photographs had taken at night and in a special place.


Three huge trees and a brick house with a large window could be seen, the boy became pale and felt his air stop when he realized that the photographs had been taken in the backyard of his house just in front of the window of his room. Brandon looked up and turned to his window, to see what he could see outside, Brandon looked directly at the place where the photos had been taken and a second later he wished he had never seen that place.

There was the author of those photographs, a very tall creature with a large hump, a dark tunic and yellowish skin.


The creature was adjusting an old camera on a tripod, in front of him there was a girl sitting on a wooden bench, with a huge hole in the stoam that showed its viceras and the blood that poured out, the girl was dead, the The photographer approached her and put his hand into the hole in his stomach, leasing him a few tries and taking them towards his vocals full of rotten teeth.

Later, the creature took the girl's face and manipulated it as if it were made of clay, giving it a huge, slightly scary smile.

In the panic of that horrible scene, Brandon understood the expressions that the girls in the photographs had, understood that their looks were not scary or sad, but simply empty expressions.

The fear took over Brandon so much that the only thing he could do was stay frozen, seeing the terrible scene, after the photographer took the photo, Brandon could not anymore and cried out in horror.


To his bad luck, the creature listened to him and turned to where he was, the criutaro observed him with a macabre smile.

The next day, Brandon ran away from home, or at least that was what his parents believed, they looked for him very worried with the help of many people close to all the places he frequented, but they never found him, but a neighbor who was walking By the ravine he found a photograph on the ground. In it, he saw a bandron with a big smile sitting on a bench, but with an inexpressible look or you could say "a dead look".