Alessandra's Diary: Shall we play?

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"That night I set out to experience the best sensations...As I entered our meeting place, he waited for me there, with a drink in his hand, on the terrace of the room, this one, delicately illuminated with the dim light of the candles and with a suggestive musical atmosphere that propitiated any type of thoughts. On my way from the door of the room to the terrace, our glances were fixed and in my mind passed all those perverse phrases, exciting photographs and erotic videos that we shared every night ; I only wanted to be in his arms and to make reality all those exciting thoughts that both of us wanted and that took us inevitably to that so awaited moment. As I approached, I unbuttoned my dress and dropped it on the floor.

Already a few meters in front of him I stopped, he realized the small and sexy nurse's suit that he was wearing underneath, a request that he had made to me in our nights of virtual encounters. When he approached me, I walked away, telling him that I should only look, that it was forbidden to touch, and he gave me a slight mischievous smile that undoubtedly approved of the game. He sat comfortably in an armchair and let his hands be tied. Then began my inciting dance where little by little I was taking off my underwear, while he saw in a perverted way my body, the emotion was unique, his attention was focused especially on my huge breasts that had been exposed to his gaze.
The movements of my breasts made him crazy, he wanted to untie himself and get closer to touch them but I stopped him with my red boots, he had to stay seated was part of the game, I sat in front of him and I began to touch my already palpitating crotch, I penetrated it with my fingers and showed him my transparent humidity. As a good nurse I had to cure that "inflammation" that the patient had, which led me to have to lower his zipper and see very closely the origin of the problem, being necessary to massage the affected area, both with my hands and my mouth, the massage had to be intense and prolonged. He groaned with pleasure while his hands were still tied, he insistently asked me to give him a syrup for the pain, and well, he was right, I also had to lower the temperature, so I inclined the armchair and climbing on a small chair I landed on his mouth and I gave him a taste of my honey for a while, while his desperate tongue and perfect intensity made me scream with pleasure at the rhythm of my hip movements.

Then I couldn't stand it, my excitement was extreme, the folds of my lips couldn't wait any longer, I wanted him to penetrate me, then I landed on his strong, erect penis and began to ride desperately while he untied his hands, and to feel his hands on my skin, I wanted him to touch my large breasts, which would be his at that moment, and so it was, he began to touch my breasts desperately, as well as my buttocks and my hair. He got up from the chair and carried me loaded, we reached the bed where he continued the strong penetration, his hands were not tired of touching all my skin incessantly. Infinity of positions were protagonists and their force did not vanish, thing that made me feel really satisfied, a great tickle took hold of my legs and I convulsed of pleasure. The orgasm did not wait, being strong, intense, delicious and full of diverse sensations. I think the game was a good idea, what do you say, shall we play?

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