Visit the strawberry park

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Traveling to integrate with nature can be an alternative choice in filling your leisure time in the middle of a dense activity, one of which is to visit the park strawberry Bogor.
In accordance with the name of course you will really enjoy gardening in the garden strawberry and do various interesting activities there.
The location of the tour is suitable to visit with family, especially children.



Bogor strawberry park tourist location is often also known by the name of Peak Berry Farm . With a garden area of ​​3 hectares then you will really enjoy the atmosphere of strawberry gardening as much.

To visit there of course you need to pay attention to hours that is at 07:00am - 17:00 pm every day No need to worry to consider coming there at certain times because the fruit is not necessarily there,

but at the top of Berry Farm is guaranteed strawberrynya will always be there.


It's strawberry time here too! I really want to grow some of my own

I also want to plant my own brother just like you