Alpha - Warnings heeded - Collisions avoided.

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I had introduced Delta Echo recently and talked about his brakes failing. I am happy to say that the brakes are fixed along with all other damage that had been sustained. Cautionary measures are being employed to try prevent other braking sabotage from happening.

Today I wanted to stay on the subject of brakes as others were warned.

Meet Alpha Tango who was encouraged to replace worn brakes on his vehicle. That job is now done and a full inspection has been made.

Who is AT?

I said that DE is the one that shows the most loyalty, but AT has been disengaged for nearly two years with very little in the way of reporting for duty. I have gone out of my way to be in places where I know he will be, then we meet by happenstance. That happens every couple of months or so. That said, I do not see AT much but coordination is done through secure messaging for checking in.

It took two weeks of "encouragement" to get him to take care of securing his mode of transportation. I just received confirmation that he is no longer in danger of a high speed crash as long as inspections are done before driving.

The last time AT came in from the field and was scheduled to report here, he was unwilling to perform duties as instructed. I was forced to continue working with someone who is partially compliant, which left me to do many of the tasks to which he was assigned. Said tasks were prescribed in order to allow AT to gain proficiency. Back then, he was supposed to report daily but he did not make it in to the office for much more that one week.

After a week, HQ had obviously been visited by a bull in a china shop, so to speak. Some damage was long term and the rest was rectified quickly. I have been his superior for more than fifteen years and I know most of this was not intentional. I believe it was mostly a failure to look before you leap while performing your duties. The rest was a failure to listen to instructions and comply.

During that same week I was given information on others in the organization who had been pulling the wool over my eyes in direct opposition to our goals. I suspected as much due to the requisitions I received that never would have needed filing had instructions and procedures been followed.

Difficulties with AT will be part of what I am documenting here. I expect the need to write to AT directly on this platform. Please forgive me if I fail to make introductions to all players at all times.

Any who read regularly will likely be less confused on these matters. I am new to this platform so let me know in the comments if you have suggestions. I would like to remind you that these logs are not for public consumption. Read them if you like. It is all the same to me.