[24] The story of fisherman and The giant monsters…(Episode-02)

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See the fog and scream the monster. I do not believe in anything except Allah. Solomon is the Messenger of Allah.

Now he said in prayer, "You are the Messenger of God, the Lord of the world, do not kill me, I will never disobey you." I will never disobey you.

Now the fisherman said, why you are afraid of the monster emperor, king Solomon? When Solaiman was dead at least eighty years ago. Then how much has happened in the world. But what's the matter? What caused King Solomon to keep you in jail? What's your crime?

The giant's soul came back to hear this. Now he got up and said, listen to the fisherman, I do not believe in anything except Allah. I have brought a good news for you.

The prison said, tell me the good news?

Your death The giant said with hint, and he would die horrible.

The prison book dried up. Say, thanks for reporting the news. But giant emperor, why do you wish me dead, what is my crime? I have freed you from many years of captivity. Is this my crime?

But the giant said without saying that, now tell me, what kind of death do you want?

But what is my fault? What is my crime

Then the monster said, then listen to all the stories I have. Then you will get the answer to your question.

Jail said, in short, listen?

The giant would say so. You know I'm a gene. David's son Solomon is a rebel servant. At one point, Suleiman sent his evil Wazir Ashraf-ibn-Barakhni to restrain me. Despite my limitless power, he was able to subdue me. Believe me, I did not feel like being so small. Suleiman said very well to me, I will measure all your rigidity. You are my loyal servant. I did not listen to him. I do not say, it is not. Then he brought a copper pot and inserted it into my mouth. Then threw the pot into the middle of the ocean.

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