[25] The story of fisherman and The giant monsters…(Episode-03)

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I was caught in a copper vessel under the water. Day to wait for release And in the mind, I promise that if one person releases me within a hundred years, then I will continue to milk him for whole life. His house will be filled with riches But no one came to save me. My imprisonment was a hundred years of prison. I promise again, if someone releases me in this one hundred years,

I will give him all the world's diamonds, jewelery, money pearls - as much as I have. But nobody came. In this way, four hundred years have passed. No one brought me back to this free light world. I fell under the sea, in the dark. Again, I turned to the one who gave me freedom, I will give three grooms. He'll get whatever he wants. But no one came. Then I got mad. My whole body trembles in anger, my body trembles. Now I swear, the person who frees me, I will kill him.

Your misfortune, you came. You're the light of me when I see Right But I promise that, in prison. There is no way. I have to keep my promise. Death is yours You have to die. Now, what kind of death do you want?

Tearing the story of the giant, the chest of the jail began to droop. Was this written in my nose? I did not commit any sin in life. Seeing the way, they started praying and praying. You are a monster, your glory is over, you forgive me. God do your best.

The giant, but he did not listen to it. Said, do not kill my time. Now decide what kind of death is your wish.

The prison said, I did not blame. If you kill me, Allah will not forgive you. He will send someone stronger than you. You will die in his hands.

But the monster is one of those words. I promise, I'll kill anyone who releases me. You are that guy I can not leave you.
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To be continued



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