[26] The story of fisherman and The giant monsters…(Episode-04)

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Then shout in jail. Do you reward the beneficiary in this way?

Stay tired, it's gone, the monster left the hinges, and said a lot. Stop it now Now get ready. I will kill you

Seeing the jail, all the attempts have failed, and there is no speed. But God sent the monsters with infinite power and man with infinite wisdom. Intellect strength is much more than body. If you can not do such an intellectual patch, you will not be able to escape from the devil's hand.

Suddenly an idea came to the prison head. He said, you will kill me.

There is no doubt.
But what is the crime?

The demon is angry now. I do not like to talk one more times. I told you so many times, that I swear that he will free me, I will kill him. I was imprisoned in that copper vessel. Today you have freed me.

The prison said, I have taken the cup of copper from the water, and broken its lid - it is also right. But I say a monster, this huge body of yours is in this copper pot? Someone will believe this superlative? You do not have a foothold in this container. I have never heard such a horror story

The giant got angry when he heard the prison. The teeth went to the press and pressed the throat of the prison. Let's say you talk face to face. I will end it. I lied? I'm a liar? I was not in that copper container? So big See how my body enters it, once you see it.
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