[31] The story of king Wuen and Hakim Ryan…(Episode-04)

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Who's that guy's name?

Wazir showed it with fingers and said, this ryan. He's giving you all. And he is unknowingly embezzling all.

Stop it Seeing what to talk about is also forgotten. If there is a man and a man in the world, he is Ryan. She gave me a new life. My disease has healed. What did you give him instead? My entire empire will not be repaid, but it will not be repaid. These words are not in your face. You're going to die in jealousy Vazir Clean your heart. I heard a similar story about King Shindabad.

At this time, Ryan left the court with the permission of the sultan.

Shaharat saw the morning meeting. Now she stops The world is telling you how beautiful your story

What a beautiful story sister Shaharajad tells me a better story, I can hear if I live.
The next day, on the fifth night, Shahjahan Shahriar's permission began with the story again, Shaharajad started the story. The King Yunan began to abuse his wizards, clear your mind, Wazir. You may want to kill Ryan. And like King Shinde's death, he was burnt to repentance as he killed his hawk, and I also got burnt.

Wazir said, I did not hear the story of King Shankar's master. If you're kind, I can understand.

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To be continued