[34] The story of Wazir and King's son… (Episode - 01)

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Wazir said, but my relationship with my story, my lord? You may mean, Sindkha was killed by her best friend, beneficial friend who killed the lightning bird and later repented. But this ryan is not your beneficial friend. He is the great Fandabaj, the devil. But you do not understand that bad now. Ryan's fascination is blind to you You can understand when you lose your mood. Now you understand a lot but do not understand.

Do you know that Vazir and king son? Like Wajiri, it was itself destroyed in disgusting the king's son. Likewise, one day you will call your own defeat.


A king had a son. Horse rhyme and his hunt for hunting. The king entrusted the care of one of his wizards. His only act is to stay in the company of the King King day and night.

But he did not think that he was honored. This is the work of cow dung shepherd. And he is the King's Wazir. Looking for opportunities, how to get rid of it. You sit again in the court.

One day King's son and Wazir went out in search of the hunt. Two horses running on the rug The shahjada was behind the vizier before. Going forward, I saw a strange creature sitting in front of them a little while. Never before seen Shahjada. Wazir shouted, because the Prince said. Look, you can not escape.

At the same time, the Prince flew more horses and chased him. But he could not catch the creature again. Where's lost

The shahajada has lost the way. Anyway, we can not understand anything.
She is going through a strange path that has lost her way. At that time a girl sitting crying at a distance crying gently. The girl is beautiful - beautiful girl.

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To be continued



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