[39] The story of king Wuen and Hakim Ryan…(Episode-07)

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Ryan said, he is a valuable book. There are medicines given to all the diseases. When I cut my head, when I opened the page number 3 of that book, I would see my cut head.

The king got so much fun to hear such strange words. Can you really speak if you cut your head? Yes the genuinely true
When the king heard the matter, the commander took the guard and took him to the house.

After a while, Ryan came back. He stood in front. The old book in his hand, the other hand in a small box, some powder. He asked a guy to bring a plate, he said. In a little powder plate of the box, he said to the king, Lord, when you cut my head, keep the cut head on this plate, then the blood will be closed. Take this book now. But do not open the book until my head is cut.

But the king could not be so patient. He picked up the book and began to reverse his page. The leaves are pale with leaves, so the king turns the face of the face of the face of the finger to overturn the page. But there is nothing written on the page. The king shouted, "I have not seeing anything".

Ryan said, there is, there is.

The king tries to turn the page fast. But the limbs of the hands are inevitable. The blood flowed out of the mouth. The head started jiggling. Then fell down from the throne on the quiver. Then all ends.

What do you learn from this story, the monster? God protects those who do not do wrong. If you wanted to kill me unfairly, Allah saved me. Have taught you.

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To be continued


Looks elegant and clean =)


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Interesting story. That means the pages of the book were impregnated with poison. Ryan took the advantages of impatient and over curious character of the king. But what if the king would follow his advice? Chop off Ryan's head at first!

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