[35] The story of Wazir and King's son… (Episode - 02)

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The Prince came and asked, Who are you beautiful? Why cry? what happened to you?

The girl says I am the Shahjadi of the Hindi I lost the way in this desert. I can not find people in my team.

After listening to the girl, Maya is shahjadar. He picked her up on the horse's back. Once upon a time, I saw a chaotic house. The girl said, Stop the shahjada I got my small house, I am coming right away.

The girl went down and entered the house. The Prince continued to wait. It was cut from time to time. But the girl does not return.

Shahjada came down from the horse and went into the house. Tighten yourself to the side of a wall. After seeing his eyes on the leakage of the window, he saw that the girl had become a demon. There were two more monkey-monkeys in the house. Old-old woman The girl says that i have got a good meal today for you.

The old woman said, the mother brought her inside. Today we will eat stomachs.

The shahjadar keape kepe heard about this. Hands and feet become frozen. The body began to become uneasy. Somehow came out from there.

Meanwhile, the monk's daughter came out too. Again that look again Beautiful young girl She smiled watching Shahjadake panic. Said, why are you trembling, why are you?

Shahjada said, I think I have come to the enemy's dorm.

image source: https://pixabay.com/


To be continued



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