[42] The story of fisherman and The giant monsters…(Episode-08)

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The fisherman came back to the home with the money. He said to his wife, "Look, boys and girls will have to feed a little better. They have to buy clothes for them.

Meanwhile, the pachika fishes put them on the stove. When a peat came to fry, there was a sting in the reverse. A wall in the kitchen room was divided, and a paraplegic young girl, entered into that fuck. He came forward to the stove. He had a stick of bamboo in his hand. On the pot the straw said with a stick, fish, fish, brother, listen?
Seeing this scene, the senseless fear of paccha. The girl started calling the fish again and again. After a while, the fish said to the coconut, say yes, listen.

Suddenly the girl overturned the fish over the oven. Then the path that came along disappeared by the way. As soon as the discolored wall got stuck again. Fish came back to the back of the pachka, the fish got burnt. The girl started weeping with copper hands. What happened to me, I can be necklace.

Wazir rushed to the sound of his cry. The girl opened the whole incident and said.

Wizi did not believe in the story of the girl. Again he sent the prisoner to say, to get more four of those fish. Now the Wizi said to the girl, Now cook it in front of me, I want to see everything in my own eyes. As soon as the order was done, the fish went on frying again. Again, at the same time, the repetition of the same thing happened.

image source: http://www.freebibleimages.org/


To be continued



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