What do you think about stream blockchain ? Streamit Coin, Trust It Or Not full discussion and join different types of bounty's.

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What is Streamit Coin?


StreamIt is a service for Live streamers or vloggers or YouTubers to give their subscribers rewards based upon their subscription tier. Subscribers who watch and/or idle in StreamIt Registered Streams earn StreamIt Coin, which can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies on exchanges. This will help the Streamers retain viewers and build and grow their channel.

All accounts are given a StreamIt wallet address, along with a private key just in case you lose your Social media account or launch new channels. Registered users also get to opt-in to Two Factor Authentication (2FA) via E-Mail.

Registered StreamIt Streamers will be able to set Rewards for Subscribers classified upto 3 Tiers, set Rewards for non-subs, view idle statistics, view all transactions, time-ban or permanently ban certain users from getting rewards on their streams, run competitions, and reward active chatters.