CCC's Street Art Contest #89 Aweh Migo, Kwai, Smudge, Cape Town CBD

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This week I got a special piece of art for the CCC's Street Art Contest. It is a collaboration of three cape town artists. Aweh Migo, Kwai and Smudge created this brilliant and colourful piece of art in the CBD of Cape Town.

Regarding a post of Aweh Migo on his facebook page about a month ago this happened not too long ago and the bright colours make me assume the same. This still looks so fresh and the colours are still very powerful.


Not sure what artist painted what part of this awesome mural as the styles seem to be very similar. I took shots of every single part of the painting to show some more details.




My favourite part of it is the Ostrich but they´re all good and fit together just perfect. Hope to find more from these artists. Also I do hope to find more of these collaborations as I really like it when styles get mixed.

What part of the painting is your favourite?

Kopie von HIVE Photography.png


Really cool wall especially the little bird saying *Aweh", very colorful.

Agree, not huge, but still very nice to look at

Beautiful wall, all the birds are great 👍 Thanks for sharing these pics on The StreetArt Community.

thank you, glad you like it

Beautiful find @betterthanhome
Love it… the colors, they pieces work well together. 😎

they do, so many different colours

Welcome back in Stuggi Town :-)