"The Mystery of Banksy - A Genius Mind" and how to save 18€.

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hier ist die deutsche version

it has never been so easy to save 18€. everyone who is thinking of visiting the exhibition (doesn´t matter if in berlin, munich or heidelberg) "The Mystery Of Banksy - A Genius Mind" should not go and invest the 18€ in something more meaningful. it would be advisable to donate the money to a homeless person.


but why? even before the exhibition in heidelberg will open. this exhibition has already pissed me off in berlin a few years ago and this without even visiting it. anyone who wants to look at art in berlin should rather go to the teufelsberg and look at the numerous works of art there and not support criminals in bikini. you can also find awesome art in the public space in heidelberg.
the recommendation not to visit such an exhibition is based neither on envy nor ill will. banksy is an exciting artist among many others who act self-authorized in the public space. this exhibition can be found also in berlin as well as in munich and now in heidelberg. at these exhibitions an absolutely overpriced exhibition is advertised under the label "streetart" and "banksy". a lot of money is earned with the work of someone else. the fact alone that eventim is involved (but this would be another post). here, the initiators also have the absolute cheek to announce that the show is supposed to honor banksy. it is hardly possible to express one's contempt for an artist in an even more brazen way. first, artworks are reproduced on different materials (it is supposed to look authentic) and then one invokes the artist's motto: "copyright is for losers". here the absolute sell-out in its purest form takes place. if the entrance fees would at least benefit imprisoned graffiti artists, the benefit of the action could still be discussed, but so ... .
with the slogan "an unauthorized exhibition" the visitor, if he does not deal with the exhibition in advance, is also cheated. this slogan does not mean the unathorized art in public space, but the fact that the exhibition exists without the consent of the artist/copyright holder.
in conclusion, we can only hope that banksy will come up with something to put a stop to such cutthroats and fraudsters, and until then i can only advise against supporting such criminal activities.
i would also like to recommend everyone not to buy one of the thousands of printed posters, photos and canvases that feature street art. look for this kind of art in your environment. take your own photos of it and hang them up in our home. if you are too lazy and want to spend money, then please support local artists and not money-hungry businessmen who try to get rich with the ideas and art of others. thank you.


You're very upset about this exhibition 😀. But with reason, Street Art belongs to the street. Sometimes I buy directly prints (or others) from the artist that I appreciate the work, so he can buy more cans.

nice to hear that you support artist by buying prints. i love prints and one day i want to have my own print studio.
i was already extremely upset when this exhibition started a few years ago in berlin (you find in berlin thounsands of absolut highquality artwork in public spaces and the people go to this exibition). and now i´ve to seethat they are expand and so i thought i´ve to tell the people what´s going on because a lot of folks does not know what are they doing and supporting. so i though i´ve to use the enery of beeing upset for something good ;).

That's really crazy. How can they do that? 🙄

because they are money hungry and they know that there will be no legal consequences because Banksy does not want to reveal his name and therefore most likely will not do anything about it.