My daily photo № 227 - Symmetry - Viewpoint on Madeira with 2 streetlamps

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~    lightning the ocean    ~

Viewpoint on Madeira with 2 streetlamps

Madeira has a lot of beautiful viewpoints. Looking over the ocean and expecience the vast empiness of the sea. They put up these streetlamps, probably to light the ocean??
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Remark: The #SevenDaysOutside challenge is a great initiative by @erikah. I decided to take part in this challenge for this week.
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Location: Madeira.

Camera - lens: Nikon D610, 16-35mm/f4.
Camera - settings: 16mm, 1/800 at f/10, ISO 800.

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Great composition @bringolo. I've yet to visit Madeira but I'll probably get there some day. 😊

Thanks. Madeira is also known as the flower island. And that is true! On the right of this image, you can see some really nice flowers. And there were a lot more. And the vastness of the ocean is impressive. I really can recommend you to visit this island!

It's beautiful, dear Jan! They must have thought of the future photographs, the light poles emphasizes perfectly the emptiness :)

Thank you. This was one of the places where I could have thought that they designed this for photogs. But I suppose that reality is much more mundane: they just did something and this is the result :-).