🤘 Band Profile // (The) Ebonhearts 🤘 - Part I

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“Baby, You answer to none but the whim of your own black heart.”



Ebonhearts are:

R87 Stacy.png

Stacy R87

(on Vocals and Keyboard)

R104 Macy.png

Macy 104

(on Drums)

R89 Mouse.png

Mouse R89

(on Vocals)

R71 Bekky.png

Bekky R71

(on the Harmonium)

R79 Katie.png

Katie R79

(on the Semi-Acoustic)

Check out an exclusive preview of the Intro track "Doe Eyes" here!

(Generated using the Band Feature in Rising Star, still need to collect some more epic instruments it seems ;) )

Album Preview

The Sky is Falling Down


  1. Doe Eyes(Intro)

  2. Heaven Knows (The Pretty Reckless - Cover)

  3. Golddigger Anthem

  4. Cybergal 2077

  5. The Chains that bind us

  6. The Sky is Falling Down

  7. Redemption 9-5


  9. Neo Sonata

  10. The River Styx

  • Released 2022 on Nyx Records

  • In the vein of "The Pretty Reckless", "Dead Posey", "The Creepshow" and "Volbeat".

Press and Voice Snippets

"...man I'm telling you Dude. There was a certain energy about them. I think even Lemmy would have liked it! God bless his soul. Anyways dude, you should check em' out. Yeah, "The Ebon Hearts". Refreshing to see untamed attitude these days..."

  • Foo Fighters Producer Greg Kurstin to Dave Grohl
    (Audio Snippet recorded at The Rainbow)

As far as Introductory records go, "The Sky is Falling Down" appears as one of those rare uncut gems brimming with potential. 100% self-produced, the ten track introductory record convinces with strong riffs, good pacing and strong musical range. Teetering on the edge of Punk Rock, Hair Metal and Nightcore, it's hard to pin these guys (or girls!) down.

Certainly destined for bigger things, I look forward to seeing Ebon Hearts on the festival circuit this season!

  • Jill Spector - Head of Scouting - Multiversal Music

Opening at Red Rocks for Volbeat I had the good fortune to discover a new band I hadn't previously heard. "The Ebon Hearts". It starts of slow but dearie me, 10 minutes in the show was pumping. From the Intro til' the closer, the five ladies had the audience wrapped around their fingers. I was reminded of "The Creepshow" and "Dear Posey".

Five highly skilled girls with a burning rage and shared story. What's not to like?

  • Zack de la Amarillo - Music Journalist - Warner Sisters


Rising Star Fame Levels
The Ebonhearts

Current Level: 96
Collection Size: 348 cards
Fans: 5019
Luck: 3319
Skill: 12124
Financial Prowess: 84

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haha I love it! This is the kind of creativity I love to see around Rising Star instead of all the "My Progress" posts! Keep 'em coming.

Cheers and rock on \m/

I love your post, it has wit and creativity. Congratulations!



Thank you so much <3

Great post mate and a huge thank you to Jux and SUB for helping out with our issue!


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Nice band you got there!

Catch EBONHEARTS on their "The Sky is Falling Down" tour this Fall!

  • 9.11 = Brixton Academy, London
  • 11.11 = Bataclan, Paris
  • 13.11 = Arena, Vienna
  • 16.11 = Roxy, Prague


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Great blog!!!


I liked your post mate and many thanks to Jux and SUB for helping to solve some problems!

PIZZA for everyone