Summer in my Garden

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We have had some wonderful summer weather here in Oslo, and the fruits, berries and flowers in my garden are growing nicely in the sun. There has been almost no rain for a long time so I'm very busy watering the plants to keep them from drying out. Here are some pictures from my summer garden.


The raspberries are growing big and juicy

Bumble bee enjoying the Lavender


The apples are getting bigger

Tomato plants are growing in the greenhouse


Flowers on the veranda

I hope your summer is full of wonder and sunsine

With Love


I hope you get more sunshine too :)

You have good collection of plants in your garden. Summer time is best time...

We call this season 'the month of honey'. So many fruits are available in this season. You have a very enriched garden with full of juicy fruits and nice flowers. Photos are also bright and beautiful. Good photography. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for the great comment :)

It's my pleasure. You are most welcome. I'll be waiting for your next post :)

Awesome girl you have such a beautiful garden lovely❤️ gardening is your passion?

I'm not too fan of gardening, it is hard work, but mow that I have a garden I have to take care of it :D

Great, It will be fun to harvest and taste everything. Kos dæ i hagen :-)

I just arrived to my summer house... very happy to see my garden as well after long time!
you are very diligent and your garden is full of color! Looks like it’s going to be very yummi summer with all the fruit on it’s way :) And my all time favorite lavander... best smell in the world 😊 enjoy @camilla 😘

I love lavender too, thank you for the nice comment <3

Wow!! You are doing a great job with your garden! :D Everything looks beautiful :D

Thank you :)

Nydeleg hage og flotte [email protected]
Her finst både blomsterprakt og velsmakande bær og frukt.
Kos deg med alt det gode og vakre.

Tusen takk :) og god sommer!

An amazing place, nice with al that berries :)

Thank you <3

I love this !

Thank you :)