I know I haven't been really active lately...

in #summer4 years ago

...but I am trying to make time and live all those moments I didn’t have the chance to so far, due to this farce with Covid 19 before summer ends.


You know, us Greeks, are fortunate enough to live in such a blessed country. That fire ball in the sky is shining almost 350 days every year and being close to the sea even during winter is part of our daily routine.


Make no mistake...365 days back thousands of people used to swim and have fun on this beach during June. This year however it’s a totally different story. Everyone keeps living in fear while TV is brainwashing every citizen that Covid 19 is real and deadly...

It is real but no more dangerous than the common flu...

Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I am fine and having a great time. Sorry for the lack of engagement lately...

I’ll make up for that soon. Promise.

So how do you spend your summer days?


Pictures are great and the shore is empty because of Covid-19 .Meanwhile Covid-19 is a chance for people who never makes holiday or something like day...But it has to begin to be normal again or it is really hard for people who needs to work.Everyone has an economical problems so far...Of course it is my opinion...

Have a nice holiday friend...

I have cancelled our trip to Costa Rica, booked on January, instead we are going to spend one week at the Pyrenees and another week in costa brava, both close to Barcelona ;-)

Hmmm sounds good to me bud. I think you're gonna have fan as well there too bud

Glad to hear you are well.

Nice pictures you have taken on the beach. :)

due to the virus, we can not yet vacation. It's great to have a nice day. good to hear. and beautiful photos are successful. congratulations.

Hope the situation will become normal again. The bitch will be fulfilled by swimming people soon.

You mean 'the beach' , right? 😉

Oh really! it was surprising mistake for me. I have noticed just at this time after your comment.

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