Brenton on Sea: Sunset photos

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Brenton on Sea: Sunset photos


Today I am just posting some beautiful sunset photos. I love the colours of the setting sun, on the water, and in the sky!!

I took these photos at Brenton on Sea, which is a small village, just outside the town of Knysna, which is in the Western Cape province of South Africa.



I hope you loved the photos as much as I did.

I hope you enjoyed the post and that you have a wonderful day.


Excellent photography looking So beautiful

Thank you.

The scene of a small village has been presented very beautifully. Light is coming on the earth even at the time of sunset. This moment is worth watching. Thanks 🙏

Yes, it is beautiful.

Beautifull sunset views, looks so peaceful environment there I could imagine this amazing place. ✨

This is my favourite place in South Africa.

Aaaagh... stunning shots mate! You made my day!