Factory Hive Time Machine - 450 Main Event - Toronto 2014

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Hi Hivers,

So it's time to roll up the sleaves and bring out the big guns for todays Factory Hive Time Machine post. Cast you mind back six years to a time when legends were all on the track in the Monster Energy Supercross series.


James Stewart, Ryan Villopoto and Ryan Dungey were all in their primes, Justin Barica was riding a Honda, Dean Wilson a Kawasaki and Ken Roczen was still with Red Bull KTM.


It seems surreal to think about things like this and it always surprises me how quick we forget things in sport. Sure we remember the names, certain races, events and stats but just seeing Barcia on a Honda seems weird now haha let alone Wilson on a Kawazaki!


James Stewart was on fire this night and when he was riding this good was almost untouchable. He had a slight helping hand though on this night as Ryan Villopoto drove straight from the hospital to the event and did not even ride in the qualifying! Nobody expected him to even ride yet check out the heart of a champion!


This race is one of the greats and is action packed from start to finish. One of my personal favourites and one i hope you all watch and enjoy.

Drop the gate!

Factory Hive Time Machine - 450 Main Event - Toronto 2014

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Awesome. Upvoted and added to my Curation Trail. I will also go subscribe to your Youtube Channel. Thanks.

That was a time when racing action going all over and everyone get a chance to win his team, hive with supercross and motocross.