Injury Update - Adam Cianciarulo

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Fan's that watched the epic re-opening race on sunday which ushered in Round 11 of the 2020 Monster Energy Supercross series would've see the brutal dismount by Adam Cianciarulo. He went down hard after a jump in the main event and was particially run over by Cooper Webb (unintential) and how his team mate Eli Tomac missed him it a miricle... It was bad but things could've been a hell of a lot worse.


The likeable rookie managed to escape the crash without any broken bones but after a few attempts to ride has decided that the pain and weakness he is feeling is too much of a risk to ride in round 12. He went out for timed practice but after a few laps pulled and and has issued the following statement.


Adam Cianciarulo

Monster Energy Kawasaki Factory Racing

"Unfortunately, I am not going to be able to race tonight. I have just been crazy sore since the crash on Sunday. It is my lower back and, unfortunately, it is not just the pain, it is weakness. I cannot really squeeze the bike and the impacts out there are really giving me a hard time. I thought I was going to be able to do it today, but it is just not on the cards. I have got to take the smart play here. I don't want to be a danger to myself or anybody else out there. I am going to have to sit this one out, but I hope to be ready on Sunday."


All going well Cianciarulo is planning to only miss the one round and be back racing for Round 13 as mentioned. With his injury before the break he is currently sitting in eleventh place but missing another race i expect he will slide to thirteenth. This is no reflection on how amazing he has been riding this season but time off the track scores no points... It's his rookie season so I don't have any worries he will put this right on his return.

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This sport is exciting to watch.... But the injuries and the pain behind it... Not so much. Sports require dedication beyond pain

I agree with you there @creativemary, the stakes are very high in Supercross and the athletes are some of the fittest in any sport... Crazy levels of dedication.

Passion and performance demands dedication