SUP to STEEM exchange


I'm trialing a new exchange for people wishing to sell Superior Coin for STEEM.

It's simple enough, just gift SUP coin using the button on my profile

Add a receiving STEEM address (username) and memo and I will send STEEM there.

I'm just trialing it out atm so I will be manually checking my kryptonia wallet to see if there are transfers or not so please allow time for me to check before I send the STEEM.

Current Price for 24/9/18

500 SUP = 0.3 STEEM
1000 SUP = 0.610 STEEM
2000 SUP = 1.240 STEEM

The minimum to send is 500 SUP and you can send any amount above that but to take advantage of better exchange rates you should try to send above the limits e.g. sending 1001 SUP has a better exchange rate than sending 999 SUP.


How about 40K SUP ?

That would be 24.8 STEEM, same as the 2000 offer, I made the rates so I wouldn't make a profit, it's just to see if anyone would be interested to start with. Any more than that and I'd loose money.

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ဘာရဲမတိ.. 😢

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I try task😁and exchange steem

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Sure, you can do that if you want

Hi friend, i would like to sell some with you...This is a good idea.

Great, how much would you like to sell?