Pyramid of Misor

Pyramid Of Misor

Thousands of years ago, the Egyptian

Pharaohs had gone out of this world, but there is no end to the interest of people of modern times with their life-style, governance system, ideas and ideas. After the death of the body in which the body remains intact, in the context of this thought, the body of the king-queen or their relatives was mummified - they were given valuable furniture and expensive valuables. A high-level pyramid built on a solid wall that could not be used to steal or take away any mischief.

The brightness of the pyramid made of white limestone has attracted the enchanting eye of people all day long. With that all kinds of questions were born in the minds of all. In ancient times when there was no crane like modern times, how big is the stone that weighs a few tons weighing up to the height of the mountain. There is no granite or limestone source surrounding the pyramid area. The king of Khufur, which is a huge pyramid, has lost more than 1.70 lakh tons of limestone. Khufur was built in the year 2550 BC, ie 4,500 years ago. Archaeologists had long believed that limestone was collected from a place called Tuura, eight miles away from Giza, and granite stones were collected from a stoneallata of 500 meters. But the idea of ​​how such a large stone would have been transported, there was a floating idea of ​​arithmetic, but it was supposititious and there were a lot of differences in it. At this time, suddenly some archaeologists from the King Khufur Giza pyramid area found an ancient paparaslipi, a boat piece and a waterway near the pyramid area. There are many answers to this question.

Pierre Tale, an ezitologist for four years after working extensively for four years, who recently retrieved the money that was interpreted by Pepper's, he recently presented a documentary in Britain's Channel Four, "The New Adventures", Pierre Tale claimed that he used to translate the oldest papyrus of Egyptian civilization. Have done This papyrus was written about 4,500 years ago. He was the leader of the Boat fleet, specially carrying and limestone for the pyramids. Her name is Marie. His responsibility was to monitor 40 skilled sailors. From his writings it is known that thousands of skilled laborers were engaged in the transport of granite and limestone transport. They cut the canal along the Nile and made waterways and took stones from stone worn to stone boats. Many boats were tied together with thick thick twisted ropes so that they could not sink boats in huge stones. Archaeologists have found many of these rugs in an unconscious state. If the stones are taken in a boat, it can be crossed by a canal dug near the pyramid, beyond the specific distance of the river path. They were brought down, thus for more than two centuries, more than 23 million stones were carried to the main structure of the pyramid.