Biggest waves ever at Nazaré

in #surf5 years ago

It's been a crazy winter, but greats waves and some remarkable things have happened here in Nazare, Portugal. The big wave community is waiting for this monster for about 7 years. Its not normal that the wave breaks in this spot of the beach, but we got lucky. The expectation for Thursday, January 18, 2018, was giant. Meteorologists had already noticed this day, for some time and surfers around the globe came to Nazare. The surfers João Guedes, Alex Botelho, Marcelo Luna, Benjamin Sanchis, Axim muniain, Maya Gabeira, Eric Rebiere, Ross Clark Jones, Hugo Vau, Sebastian Steudtner and Axi Muniain faced the great mountains of water. And i am so proud of Hugo Vau.

Here are some pictures of the waves, publish by the Portuguese media.

Here are some raw footages of what happened on 17/18 at Nazaré: 

Sebastian Steudtner at Nazaré - 2018 Ride of the Year Award Entry - WSL Big Wave Awards

More Post about Surf:


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Wow hard to tear my eyes away. I want to see these giant waves some day!