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This is the story of a young man who started with the classic surfing career. After Surfing his first big waves and pulling into big barrel and through the inspiration that is his good friend Kepa Acero, he found his passion for the exploration and the discovery.
Four years ago he found an area on google maps that looked like it had great potential. After waiting for a long time the charts finally revealed a swell that was traveling thousands of kilometres across the ocean and he knew that this was his opportunity.
Arriving in the fading light of the first day, the waves were small but looked perfect. But doubts remained: was the wave too fast? The next day all questions were answered, all the dreams and expectations were about to come real...

4:39 - One of the best barrel i have ever seen!!!

Natxo Gonzalez


thats insane...what a wave

Hey!!! Gnarly!!!

wow what a waveeee!!! thanks for sharing this. love it.

Appreciate your comment! i Loved your art! I am following you!

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