Astral Revelations - Wisp Bundle Presale Details


Wisp Bundle Presale

Begins February 17th @ 10:00 (am) UTC
Lasts until sold out or Astral Revelations launches v1.0

5000 Wisp Bundles (10 $HIVE or equivalent $HBD)

NO LIMIT on purchase quantity
(Please specify quantities per account when purchasing for multiple accounts)

The Wisp Bundle is the first NFT set planned for release during the presale.

Bundle Contents:

  • 1x Fire Wisp
  • 1x Air Wisp
  • 1x Earth Wisp
  • 1x Water Wisp

NFT delivery will occur when the NFT marketplace is complete. Once live, all NFTs you've purchased/received will be viewable in your marketplace inventory.


Payment is preferred in $HIVE / $SWAP.HIVE due to current volatility in market price.

We'll accept $HBD / $SWAP.HBD, but the conversion price is likely to fluctuate from day to day.

Please send payments to @astralrevelation with notes in the following format:

10 Wisp Bundles for @spiritsurge

OR . . .

5 Wisp Bundles for @spiritsurge, 5 Wisp Bundles for @entrepidus

. . . if buying bundles for multiple accounts.

Presale Discounts

As previously announced, you're eligible for a 1% discount on all presale bundles (excluding the Starter Pack) for every 5k $ASTRA you have staked. The weekly $STELLARUM airdrop snapshot will be used to track both your presale discount and staking rewards (see below).

A one time snapshot was taken at the time of this post to determine the most current presale discount for all $ASTRA stakers.

To access this snapshot, a new channel has been created in our Discord called #astral-rewards. It contains a link to an uneditable Google document that does not require a Google account to access:


Each snapshot will include:

  • Staked $ASTRA
  • Latest $STELLARUM airdrop
  • Current Supporter tier (Discord role)
  • Current presale discount %
  • Current purchase price per bundle (currently only the Wisp Bundle)
  • Staking rewards you qualify for
  • Your rank in the list

NOTE: Supporter Discord roles will be rolled out this weekend with the next $STELLARUM snapshot.

Staking Reward Tiers

Staked $ASTRAReward
5k1% Presale Discount per 5k $ASTRA (max 50%)
10kT1 NFT Familiar (of your choice)
25kT1 NFT Eternal Consumable
50kT1 Supporter - Discord Role
75kCollectible NFT Eternal Consumable
100kT2 Supporter - Discord Role
125kWisp Bundle
150kT3 Supporter - Discord Role
175kCollectible T1 NFT Familiar
200kT4 Supporter - Discord Role
225kKeystone Bundle
250kT5 Supporter - Discord Role — (Max Presale Discount of 50%)
275kCollectible T1 NFT Keystone
300kT6 Supporter - Discord Role
325kAttunement Bundle
350kT7 Supporter - Discord Role
375kCollectible T1 NFT Attunement
400kT8 Supporter - Discord Role
450kT9 Supporter - Discord Role
500kDesign an NPC
1000kDesign (and receive) a Collectible Familiar



We are looking to translate and localize our game in multiple languages. While English will be the main language of the game, we are also looking to reach out to other regions as early as possible. We have need for Spanish and Chinese (中国人) translators to help us set up the foundations. If you feel you are the right person, please reach out to @spiritsurge through our Discord.

Getting Involved

If you're just now learning about Astral Revelations, come mingle in our Discord to get regular updates, ask any questions you might have, and hang out with your fellow gamers!

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Stay tuned for more Astral Revelations deets!
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Just staked a bit more, how can we keep up to date how many there are still on the market?

The wisp bundle details will be in the google sheet

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