Astral Wars — Land Presale and Kusaku-Gun Art Preview

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In Astral Wars, Lands supplement your growing collection with steady rewards in the form of in-game currency and additional cards. Rather than simply amassing a disorganized pile of them, you'll need to earn, buy or trade for specific groupings to access various tiers of rewards. This progression track is intended to create an additional gameplay loop outside of standard PvP matches that reward creatively strategic play.

As we've stated from the beginning, Surgent Gaming makes games for the player, and those that actively play Astral Wars will receive the greatest benefit from acquiring Land.


Lands come in four rarities (Common, Uncommon, Rare and Mythic) that are grouped together in sets comprising Continents:


Each Continent (or Land set) contains 10 Lands:

  • 4 Commons
  • 3 Uncommons
  • 2 Rares
  • 1 Mythic

Acquiring various combinations within each set unlock periodic Adventure quests (PvE battles with unique challenges and rewards) while completing an entire Continent enables the passive harvesting of additional resources. Before you can reap the rewards, however, you'll need to overcome that Continent's rulers:

Villain 17.pngVillain 6.pngVillain 16.pngVillain 14.pngVillain 13.png

Acquiring Lands

In our previous post, we briefly touched on Altered Keystones, the primary method for obtaining Land. Altered Keystones have three types:

  • Basic Altered Keystone: a randomly chosen Land of common rarity.
  • Dormant Altered Keystone: a randomly chosen Land of common to mythic rarity.
  • Infused Altered Keystone: a manually chosen Land of common to rare rarity.
Dormant Altered Keystone
Infused Altered Keystone

Upon consuming an Altered Keystone, a specific elemental combination is revealed determining which Planet the Land is drawn from. These combinations are formed by the four basic Keystone elements (Fire, Air, Earth and Water) which some of you may recognize from Astral Revelations:


The connection to Keystones is conceptual and unrelated to Keystone NFTs in Astral Revelations.


Each Planet (or Continent set) contains a number of continents. For example: Calor, a volcanic planet represented by the elemental combination of Fire + Fire, is comprised of 5 Continents:


Each Continent on Calor has its own set of 10 Lands:


There are a total of 10 elemental combinations for the various Planets within Astral Wars:

  • Calor = Fire + Fire
  • Fremescent = Fire + Air
  • Eurus = Air + Air
  • Orbis Terrarum = Air + Earth
  • Aurum Fuscum = Earth + Earth
  • Virdis Tapete = Earth + Water
  • Unda = Water + Water
  • Auri Ignei = Water + Fire
  • Ignis Fusus = Fire + Earth
  • Fluctus Venti = Air + Water

You can identify each Planet's Altered Keystone by matching its elemental combination color:

8.pngEurus.png1.pngOrbis Terrarum.png
6.pngAurum Fuscum.png3.pngViridis Tapete.png
9.pngUnda.png7.pngAuri Ignei.png
4.pngIgnis Fusus.png2.pngFluctus Venti.png

Kusaku-Gun Preview

This week, we're showcasing art for Kusaku-Gun faction's new cards:

Crimson Rosella.pngEchidna.pngEmu.pngFalcon.pngHyena.png
Lion.pngLittle Button Quail.pngMalleefowl.pngMoth.pngPteranodon.png
Rhino.pngSalamander.pngSpider.pngT Rex.png

Land Presale

STARTING NOW, you will be able to purchase Altered Keystones with $STELLARUM.

The available quantity, price, and purchase restrictions are as follows:

  • 100 Basic Altered Keystones (7000 $STELLARUM) — limit 5
  • 30 Dormant Altered Keystones (50,000 $STELLARUM) — limit 3
  • 10 Infused Altered Keystones (500,000 $STELLARUM) — limit 2

(The limit is per buyer across ALL accounts)

Please send $STELLARUM to @astralwars with the following memo format:

spiritsurge - 5 Basic, 3 Dormant, 2 Infused

Ensure your transaction amount is correct!
(The above example would be 1,185,000 $STELLARUM)

This presale will run until October 11th @ 23:00 UTC

Any transactions completed after the cutoff will be reversed.


Outside of purchasing it directly through the Hive marketplace or trading $PIMP for it through our Liquidity Pool, $STELLARUM is earned as a weekly airdrop by those that stake $ASTRA.

$STELLARUM is airdropped at a rate of 1 per 10 $ASTRA you have staked.

Getting Involved

If you're just now learning about Astral Wars, come mingle in our Discord to get regular updates, ask any questions you might have, and hang out with your fellow gamers!

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Insane work, super happy to be a part of this project, can't wait to see all of this working as a full amazing game, let's gooo!!! Already sent tokens for my lands :P

The base card game is awesome, and it is cool to see, that there will be additional updates coming!


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Time to get rid of FIAT money 😁


News: Dormant keystones are sold out. 50 basic and 8 infused keystones are left now.

Wow what a super game. I will become member of this game