Astral Wars — Mobile Release, Land Details and Thuringian Art Preview

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Mobile Release

Big News! While we're waiting for our Google Play application to be accepted, we've entered begun Closed Alpha with a mobile version of the game. It is capable of cross-platform play between mobile and PC, and we have officially hit 2000+ Multiplayer games for Astral Wars!

As part of this update, several patches have already rolled out:

Day 1 Patch:

  • New cards like The Transcendant One (designed with @enginewitty), Catbo Meowkins (designed with @sketchygamerguy), and Catherina (designed with @anandkj611) are now usable in multiplayer.
  • The Activate Button now works in the latest downloadable version.
  • Server performance for cross-platform matches has been improved.

Day 3 Patch:

  • The Chat Button now works in the mobile version.
  • The Discard Pile is now viewable.
  • Collection Filter checkmarks have been enlarged.
  • The Battleship Power icon has moved to the left side of the screen.
  • The Menu Button has been enlarged.

Day 7 Patch:


  • Artifact Might is no longer buffed by abilities.
  • The 1up Adventurer (designed with @flauwy) has been added.


  • Aerial Strike Eagles loses "Flying" (nerf)
  • Fire Chicken Energy increased to 2 (buff)
  • Firefox "Magic Focus" cost reduced to 0 but exhausts Firefox (nerf)
  • Furious Wolf Energy increased to 4, gains +2/+2 at start of turn (buff)
  • Lava Snake Might increased to 7 (buff)
  • Reaper Energy increased to 7 (buff)
  • Red Potion grants +1 Might and Stealth (nerf)


  • Alpha Wolf summons' Might reduced to 0 (nerf)
  • Angry Tree cost increased to 5, gains "Taunt" (buff)
  • Bismarck Battleship Ability adds 2 Energy vs. healing (buff)
  • Gorilla Might has 2 base Might, cost increased to 5 (buff)
  • Racoon cost increased to 3 (nerf)


  • Killer Whale destroys a mech with 3 or less Might but does not draw a card (nerf)
  • Kraken Might reduced to 2, cost reduced to 4 (nerf)
  • Octopus Might increased to 4, cost increased to 5 (buff)
  • Poison Frog Energy increased to 3 (buff)
  • Sea Monster Might increased to 5 (buff)
  • Sea Storm cost reduced to 4 (buff)
  • Wave cost reduced to 2 (buff)

Land Rewards

Building on what we covered in our last post, let's talk rewards!

Auri Ignei.png

To recap, each planet has 5 continents. Those continents are each comprised of 10 lands offering various rewards, quests, and challenges for collecting.

Cor.pngAuri Ignei Master Blacksmith.png

Looking at the "Rewards" legend, the overall rewards breakdown for each continent is the same:

  • 3 Coin Lands
  • 4 Card Lands
  • 3 Crate Lands (1 with a Gold Card)

These land types each unlock weekly reward quests:

  • Coin quests yield 3,000 coins
  • Card quests yield a random card of Common to Mythic rarity
  • Crate quests yield a Normal-Faction Crate (chance for a Mythic or Foil upgrade!)

As you complete sets of lands, you'll gain access to challenging boss duels that reward you with Altered Keystone crates. Collecting all lands in a continent unlocks the final boss duel with that continent's master. Defeating them will open the way to Creation Relics (more in a future post!) which can passively generate cards, crates and Altered Keystones.

What distinguishes each continent are the groupings required to complete land sets. For example: Cor (above) requires different land rarities for each set, but Flos' purple set (below) is just 2 commons and a 1 rare. This creates an option between steadily accruing rewards or quickly amassing "low hanging" land sets.

Check out the rest of Auri Ignei's continents to see the subtle differences:

Flos.pngAuri Ignei Master 1.png
Fulgens.pngAuri Ignei Master 2.png
Lumen.pngAuri Ignei Master 3.png
Lux.pngAuri Ignei Master 4.png

Psst! Lands can contain additional hidden rewards, but you didn't hear that from me!

Land Presale Update

Our presale sold out, and we now hold ~25% of $STELLARUM's circulating supply! This amount will not be sold, as we intend to use it to fund the weekly $STELLARUM airdrop and future player events. We hope the timing of this presale will allow us to create a steady cycle of $STELLARUM flowing into and out of this "pool" to support upcoming in-game tokenomics.

A secondary goal is to avoid minting additional $STELLARUM unless absolutely necessary as we nudge ourselves closer to a somewhat stable equilibrium.

Thuringian Preview

This week, we're showcasing art for Thuringians faction's new cards:

Armadillo.pngBird Bot.pngBirdy Bot.pngCamel.pngCat Bot.png
Chameleon.pngFerret.pngFrilled Lizard.pngHorsy Bot.pngKangaroo Bot.png
Kiwi.pngKomodo Dragon.pngLion Dog Bot.pngMoose.pngMouse.png
Panda Bot.pngRabbit.pngSloth Bot.pngSquirrel.pngTriceratops.png

Getting Involved

If you're just now learning about Astral Wars, come mingle in our Discord to get regular updates, ask any questions you might have, and hang out with your fellow gamers!

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Stay tuned for more Astral Wars news!
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