Astral Wars - Promo Event Staking, Crates P2P Trading, Global Passives and the Launcher

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These coveted promos return with buffs that are a must-to-have!



We have made our games easily accessible to all players while recognizing the importance of rewarding early players. Creating powerful decks requires more synergy pieces as we continue to add more cards to the game. To help with this, we have created PROMO cards that provide a lot of utility and can be used in any deck. It's important to note that these cards were designed by community members who have maintained a stake in the game. 54 players have qualified for these promos in the past 6 months. This is the last chance for players to acquire all of these promos together before the open alpha launch in the BUY & STAKE $ASTRA event. To participate, buy $ASTRA from any of the Hive-Engine Frontends like beeswap or tribaldex and stake it to the account you intend to use to play the game. In this post, we will go through each promo card and explain what is required to obtain it.

After purchasing and staking $ASTRA, please take a screenshot of the staked amount and mention the promo it is for in #aw-general on Discord.

Example: if you have bought and staked 33000 $ASTRA, you need to mention in the discord with the screenshot that you want the Absolute Clone (8000 $ASTRA) and the Absolute clone alt art (25000 $ASTRA)

The Absolute Clone


Designed by: @spiritsurge
Buy & Stake: 8000 $ASTRA required

The Absolute Clone is a card that plays the role of the antagonist in our flagship game, Astral Revelations. It is the most popular of all the promos and is owned by 33 players in the closed alpha. The card has been included in 1800 matches and has seen a tremendous amount of gameplay. Its unique ability to clear everything off the board makes it a valuable asset to turn around any match.

The Absolute Clone (Alt Art)


Designed by: @japex1226
Buy & Stake: 25000 $ASTRA required

Although alternate arts of certain cards exist to make them look cooler, we have decided to give them more utility by providing them with "Global Passives" that give them off-game abilities. For instance, some cards have the ability to pull Mutations (you can click here to learn more about them) from crates called Black Boxes.

As of now, this particular card is owned by 19 players.

The Transcendent One


Designed by: @newigennity
Buy & Stake: 25000 $ASTRA required

There is a costly card that offers a crucial benefit, which is a higher likelihood of obtaining mythic from all crates, except for basic ones. It is the most essential global passive to have early on. The best part is that multiple copies of this card will accumulate.

At present, only 21 players possess this card.

Catbo Meowkins


Designed by: @sketchygamerguy
Buy & Stake: 10000 $ASTRA required

This card is inspired by the quirky characters from Lord of the Rings. It is often used in aggro decks and has been played in approximately 1600 matches, making it a popular choice among players. Currently, 21 players own this card.

Catharina the Compassionate


Designed by: @anandkj611
Buy & Stake: 10000 $ASTRA required

Control decks often struggle against aggro decks. However, heals can provide a key utility that can turn the match around. This is a particular card that has been used in approximately 1400 matches during the closed alpha stage. Currently, only 19 players own this card.

The 1UP Adventurer


Designed by: @flauwy
Buy & Stake: 8000 $ASTRA required

Our partnership with the OneUp community has led to the creation of a fantastic card called the 1Up Adventurer, which is a valuable addition to many control and midrange decks. This card has the ability to grant taunt and armor to any ally card on the board, making it an effective counter to rampaging decks. Currently, 20 players own this card.

Gecko of the "Eternal Flame"



Designed by: @abachon
Buy & Stake: 13000 $ASTRA required

We absolutely loved creating this card as it was designed by a child's imagination. Working alongside such a bright and inquisitive mind was a real pleasure, and the final results are truly amazing, as you can see. Currently, this card is owned by 14 players.

Shield Buster


Designed by: @hurax
Buy & Stake: 13000 $ASTRA required

One of our most aggressive players requested a card design that could continually apply pressure on a control deck. As a result, this amazing card was created to effectively deal with taunt-heavy decks. Currently, there are 14 players who own this card.



Our main challenge for the game launch was finding a way to allow users to launch the game without having to repeatedly install it every time a new version was released. Additionally, it was inconvenient for users to have to navigate to different channels on Discord to ask for the latest download link.

Those days are now behind us. Our launcher is now complete in terms of both its appearance and functionality, and it is now ready to undergo testing. Below, you'll find a few screenshots of the launcher in action. The testing phase will begin on February 5th, and we'll be putting out a more comprehensive post soon to provide you with additional information about the launcher's features and functionality.

Main Launcher.png

Astral Wars.png

Astral Revelations.png


P2P Trading

The sale for crates is still going on, but it looks like the VA crates and Black Box were sold out within a few hours by @sketchygamerguy and @newigennity. They seem to have a monopoly on these highly sought-after crates. However, there is still hope! You can work on your communication and negotiation skills because peer-to-peer trading is now available on the Discord channel mentioned below.


Go to the P2P trading channel, ping the seller and make an offer - physical or digital. The channel is active until the 10th.


Getting Involved

If you're just now learning about Astral Wars, come mingle in our Discord to get regular updates, ask any questions you might have, and hang out with your fellow gamers!

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How long do we have for the staking event and can we stake for multiples of different cards like the transcendent one to stack the mythic chances?


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