Surgent Gaming - 2024 Dev Roadmap


Surgent Gaming is happy to present its games-only roadmap

Last year, we created a simple linear development map for each game and announced it in the respective games' posts. However, we noticed that this resulted in incomplete and inconsistent information, as various factors could cause delays in real life. Considering this, we have decided to publish a development roadmap post every quarter to address this issue. This will enable us to update our plans and explain any deviations from the roadmap and the reasons for it.

Additionally, we may remove a plan from the roadmap if necessary. An example is cited below.

Example: When Game A receives more traction than Game B, we will prioritize addressing Game A while taking proactive steps to address Game B's traction issues.

We believe that this approach will allow us to be transparent with the community while providing us with the flexibility to make changes without major issues.

Starting this year, we will introduce a buffer period of 2 to 2.5 months between game releases. For instance, if we release Game B on February 15th, the next game, Game C, will be released on April 15th, and so on. This change will help us avoid being overburdened with the maintenance issues of a previous release while simultaneously working on a new game.

Let me clarify the following games this post will discuss:

  • Astral Wars (a card collection game)
  • Astral Revelations (a collectable pet tactics game)
  • NISM (an augmented reality, location-based pet collector)
  • Game 4
  • Game 5

Astral Wars

As previously mentioned in multiple posts, we are currently waiting for some formalities from Microsoft before we can release the game launcher. This launcher will be used to install, launch, and update the game. Unfortunately, these formalities can take some time, further delaying the game's launch. However, we have set a date for the Open Alpha of the game, which is scheduled to happen on February 15th, 2024. Unless the formalities are completed earlier, in which case we will launch the Open Alpha the very next day.

The details regarding the Open Alpha will be posted before the launch. Below are the features that will be included in the Open Alpha release:

  • Conversion of $STELLARUM deposits to in-game Coins
  • Conversion of in-game Coins withdrawals to $STELLARUM
  • Mobile version release of the game
  • Quests

The Beta release is projected to happen on June 15th 2024 (although it may occur before or after), and it will contain the following key features:

  • Lands
  • Marketplace
  • Unlockable quests tied in with Lands
  • Loans program


Our next release, after the Open Alpha of Astral Wars, is scheduled for April 15th 2024. The initial release of the game will include the following features at a minimum:

A) Location-based movement, which can be experienced in an augmented reality mobile app.
B) NISMs will spawn in the real world, providing interaction opportunities.

For more information on NISM, please refer to the blogs posted on @nism.
You can click here to look at the team buildup.
You can also click here to look at the Hive Exclusive Presale, which is still active.

For a more detailed breakdown, please have a look at the lite paper below:

Astral Revelations

The next version of the game is set to be released on July 30th, although it may be released earlier. The current systems for completing artwork are at Tier 1, and Tier 2 is currently in progress. However, creating animations for each of the eight directions in a tactics-style game, along with over 100 animations for each familiar, is a time-consuming process. We're passionate about tactics-style games and want to provide you with the best experience possible. Astral Revelations remains a top priority, and if everything goes smoothly with future releases, the release date could be moved up considerably.

Other Games

There will be limited information available in Q1. Look for updates later in the Q2 update.

Getting Involved

If you're just now learning about some of our games, come mingle in our Discord to get regular updates, ask any questions you might have, and hang out with your fellow gamers!

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Stay tuned for more Surgent Gaming news!
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However, we have set a date for the Open Alpha of the game, which is scheduled to happen on February 15th, 2024

did it happen?

Thank for sharing your olans for 2024. It is clear that dates can change at any time.

Can you say something about the "Loans Programm" in AW Beta?

It will be a way to be able to get in-game currency faster by leveraging the ASTRA stake. More details on this will come later, as the complete calculations need to be done

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Game 4 and Game 5! Got me all anxiously excited, this company does some stellar work.


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Can't wait to dive in!
Really excited about pve content like quests and lands.

It's great to see all the game development post here on Hive! We're excited to see what you guys have in store and hope to play them at some point. You know, when we're not hard at work on our own game. 😀