Powering up from Steem

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My Steem has more or less completed its power down recently. Due to that, I transferred most of my Steem to Hive.


To be frank, I couldn't believe how easy it was to transfer Steem to Hive using @swap.app. It was so simple, that I had to do it a couple of times before I successfully saw my new Hive balance.

I was like, huh? I just type in swap.app and it transfers immediately? Is that really it?!


There are a few more cryptos I can send to, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, by just transferring using the usual Steem/Hive wallet interface.

I think this is such an amazing app for an absolutely useful and free service. Kudos to the swap.app developers for making our virtual lives easier.

I plan on transferring my Steem Dollars to Hive as well very soon. It's not much, but at least it's something. You'll never know with the volatile cryptocurrency markets.

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Very nice, this platform is really at par with other blockchains!

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It absolutely is! The apps that ride on this are also great!
Thanks for checking out my post :)

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I recently just came across your blog post from your website about moving on from steem to hive.
I didn't check my steemit for a couple years, I left because it was failing hard.

I think you brought up a good point: you don't have control of you content.

I recently went back to delete (edit with random letters) all my old steemit post to remove them and start blogging on my own personal blog.

Later I find out that: All my post were "copied" over to hive. Now I have to delete them all on HIVE as too! I don't like the idea that anytime there is a switch or fork or whatever, my content is copied throughout the internet. For this reason alone I will be leaving blockchain blogging for good.

Wow that must have been a drag, having to clean up twice! All the best with your own blog +1